Pew Survey: Majority Want More Deportations, Better Security At Southern Border

For all the caterwauling from elected Democrats, their pundits, and their pet media regarding illegal aliens, it seems that Americans are rather concerned with illegal immigration

Pew Research: 6-in-11 Americans Want More Deportations of Illegal Aliens

A majority of Americans say they want to see more deportations of illegal aliens and increased security along the United States-Mexico border, a new survey finds.

The latest Pew Research Center survey reveals that nearly 70 percent of all Americans believe increased security at the porous U.S.-Mexico border is very or somewhat important — including more than 90 percent of Republican voters.

Another 54 percent of Americans said more deportations of the nation’s 11 million to 22 million illegal alien population is very or somewhat important. Republican voters by a majority of 83 percent said increasing deportations of illegal aliens is important ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

The findings come as President Trump’s administration has constructed less than 80 miles thus far of border wall along the southern border, though officials have repeatedly said hundreds of miles of construction is on its way.

This information is certainly not helpful for all the Democrats who are refusing to fund the border barrier, putting a budget deal in jeopardy. It might help with the hardcore base, but, the majority of U.S. citizens are surely saying “why don’t the Democrats want to secure the border? Why are they willing to stop the federal budget over illegal aliens?”

These are who Democrats are protecting

That’s just a small portion of those affected by illegal alien crime. Oh, and as for the Dreamers?

Roughly 80,000 DACA migrants, or one-in-ten, have an arrrest record, says an updated report from the Department of Homeland Security.

Nearly 110,000 DACA requestors out of nearly 889,000 (12%) had arrest records. Offenses in these arrest records include assault, battery, rape, murder and driving under the influence.

Of approved DACA requestors with an arrest, more than 31% (24,898) of them had more than one arrest.

Of all DACA requestors, 218 had more than 10 arrests. Of those, 54 had a DACA case status of “approved” as of October 2019.

Of course, the Open Borders advocates will say that illegal aliens commit crimes at a lower rate than U.S. citizens, missing the point that illegal alien crime should be zero percent, since they shouldn’t be here.

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2 Responses to “Pew Survey: Majority Want More Deportations, Better Security At Southern Border”

  1. That crime statistic also includes crimes recent immigrants who are naturalized as “citizens”. When you exclude them, the native crime rate is much lower. In the same way that all sorts of other key demographic statistics are trending towards the third world rather than leading away from it. Lower school test scores due to more immigrant children. Higher obesity, due to more obese immigrants. More Measles due to unvaccinated immigrants. Even something as simple as the birth rate being slightly above replacement level, mostly due to immigrants hiving a higher birth rate hiding the sub-replacement birth rate of natives.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    News Flash!

    The California raisins set to testify for Schiff they heard it through the Grapevine.

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