Commentary Will Be Light: Broke My Thumb

I was going to try and wait to go to urgent care, couldn’t. Went to ER at 1230am. Finally got home at 430am. The Oxycodone/Acetaminophen combo just barely takes the edge off, got about 2 hours of sleep. Hard to mostly type with one hand. So, long commentary is out for a bit.

Glad I didn’t buy that Squier Stratocaster I found on sale yesterday. Would be a bummer looking at it

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14 Responses to “Commentary Will Be Light: Broke My Thumb”

  1. You have a microchip in your bone already? I’m still waiting for mine.

    • Heh! It was such a small chip that only the radiologist could pick it up. Still causes a lot of pain, though. Along with the bruising, swollen joints, and back into the palm near the thumb.

  2. tim says:

    Obviously global warming is to blame.

    “Weight bench slipped and landed on left thumb.”

    How does that even happen…?

    • I was going to lift up the whole bench a bit to move it into the slots for the bench press free weight machine, centers it, got a hold of it in wrong spot. Was lifting the back rest instead of whole bench and it slammed back down. Happened bang bang. Worse than car door, because it involved over half my thumb.

  3. Not to worry. Go ahead and get that guitar and buy a steel finger slide and learn yo’self some Foghat “Terraplane Blues.” You’ll be glad you did.

  4. Doom and Gloom says:

    Call SAINT GRETA she will fill you up!!

  5. gitarcarver says:

    Take care of yourself, Teach.

    Blogging and commentary can always wait.

    As for the Squire Strat and the accident, that’s just God preventing you from making a bad choice.

    • I’ve tried so many different brands since I started playing again, and I keep coming back to a Strat (I have one now, but, lower end, lots of fret buzz). Don’t like necks on Ibanez and Jackson. I like Schecter, but almost every single one buzzes on the low E. I like BC Rich, especially Warlocks (had a gorgeous one growing up when I played a lot), but, hard to find and not really a “sitting back on the couch playing” type guitar. I’m still considering some Epiphone Les Pauls. Funny thing is, for inexpensive guitars, the Epiphone SG’s seem to always be good, even for $179.

      • guitarcarver says:

        We just were never thrilled with the Squire line itself. We love Strats, just not the lower end Squire line.

        Of course, you can always go for this amazing guitar.

        Little pricey, but technically very cool.

        Once again, take care of yourself.

        • Thanks. I’d love to get my old JB PLayer Telecaster working. I could fix some faulty electronics, but, the Kahler tremolo is hosed, and they’re like $350 for a new one. Because if the carved out space, nothing else works.

          Probably going to wait and get a lower end actual Fender strat. Though the Squier I tried, on sale for $300, worked well. No buzz.

  6. an ol exaJahead says:


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