Bummer: Less Than Half Of Citizens Think Ukraine Issue As Serious Problem

Now, if this poll went the other way, it would be a featured article at the top of the webpage and page 1 in the dead tree edition. Since it is mostly good for Trump, it’s buried down in the politics section

Most Americans are ‘not surprised’ Trump asked the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden

The vast majority of Americans are not surprised that President Trump encouraged the Ukrainian president to investigate former vice president Joe Biden’s son, and fewer than half see it as a “very serious” problem, an ABC News-Ipsos poll released Sunday indicates.

Just about half of those polled said they are “not surprised at all” to hear of Trump’s actions. An additional 32 percent said they are “not surprised.”

The national poll, conducted Friday and Saturday, also finds that 63 percent of adults say it is a serious problem that Trump pushed the president of Ukraine to investigate the son of his potential 2020 opponent Joe Biden in a July call that has sparked an extraordinary whistleblower complaint and led Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry. Less than half of those polled, 43 percent, said Trump’s action was “very serious.” (snip)

Despite the Ukraine story dominating headlines, just about one-quarter of adults say they have followed the news “very closely.” More than 6 in 10 say they are following the issue at least “somewhat closely.”

As the short article notes, Democrats are betting that citizens will get behind the impeachment probe, but, not enough people think it is very serious, and not enough people are paying attention heavily. Further, that people were not surprised about the call could well mean that people understand Joe Biden and his son are rather shady and used Joe’s position to enrich themselves.

From ABC, which has a link to the actual poll in the article, we find

In a polarized electorate, attitudes about the severity of Trump’s actions broke strongly along partisan lines, with Democrats three times as likely to find the conversation a very or somewhat serious problem — 91% of Democrats compared with 32% of Republicans.

Democrats also were even more likely to have the most intense feelings, with nearly 3 in 4, about 72%, saying they thought the president’s comments were a very serious problem, compared to 41% of Independents.

So, Independents are rather blase about the whole thing. That’s really not helping the Democrat cause. Nor is this other article in the Washington Post

Pelosi turns to Schiff to lead House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry of Trump

No need to go beyond the headline: Pelosi is turning to one of the most Trump Deranged people in the U.S. Congress to lead this inquiry, a guy who makes things up, like he did Thursday (of course CNN is protecting him), and has claimed a gazillion times that he had the evidence against Trump for the Russia Russia Russia probe, and never showed it.

And this

(Breitbart) On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) wondered why, if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) believes President Trump should be removed from office, “why did she then leave town for two weeks?”

Scalise said, “[I]f they were so serious, why did Adam Schiff have to start his committee hearing with a parody, a joke, trying to make fun of this and actually lying about what really happened and trying to make up a conversation between the president and Ukraine President Zelensky? Why, by the way, if it’s so serious, and think about this, Nancy Pelosi is saying she wants to start impeachment proceedings against a president of the United States. She didn’t even require a House floor vote, which has always been the case to start impeachment. But, if she really thought he should be removed, why did she then leave town for two weeks?”

Things move pretty fast. What will be happening in two weeks? We had been talking a lot about gun control, now it’s deranged impeachment, what of two weeks from now?

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9 Responses to “Bummer: Less Than Half Of Citizens Think Ukraine Issue As Serious Problem”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    Doesnt matter if a dozen people think so.

    Susan Rice and Ken Star…..came out yesterday blasting the president for being an evil bastard. One for hiding the transcript on a highly classified server and then asking if Obama ever used one. Ken Star going after ONE word in Trumps transcript. Romney going after him.

    All have in common? bush Family loyalists and olde’ guarde Military Industrial compexers who want nothing better than Trump gone. The son of a bitch who wants TO END ENDLESS WARS not keep them going.

    Everytime he tries….he is blasted even by Democrats who marched in the streets calling BUSH HITLER over the wars. Tulsi Gabbart bashing Trump for not ending wars and now sending 200 troops to Saudia Arabia to help protect the oil facilities.

    Nothing he does will ever be greeted by the Shadow Government as acceptable because the Shadow government did not AUTHORIZE HIM TO SPEAK ON THEIR BEHALF.

    Before I never feared for this country but I do today. Even if civil war breaks out. Even if this Nation were to break up into R’s Vs. D’s we would all still be run by the shadow government. We are all Sheeple. We are all manipulated. We have no life other than what the Shadow Government says we can.

    Take AGW. Seriously why all the dissension. Just fix it. It would have been so easy but instead they set us to fighting each other to the point we are killing each other over politics. And for what gain? To maniupulate us into a certain behaviour.

    I fear for this country now. I fear for the world and it has nothing to do with the weather or Nuclear weapons, or insane Jihadi’s or crazed White Nationalists or METOO or what ever other group the shadow government has formed to keep us killing each other.

  2. Kye says:

    Just like Russia, Russia, Russia this Ukraine crap is entirely media driven. When the people of America can see and hear Joe Biden bragging about telling the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor to save his son from illicit dealings, then Trump releases the phone transcript showing Trump asked no one to do an illegal act but the DemComs have their accomplices in the media lie about the entire episode we have crossed over into the Twilight Zone. Fact is, Biden committed an illegal act and Trump asked them to investigate it but Trump is in trouble? Leftists live in a fantasy land.

  3. Rod says:

    It will be liberal like Mitt that will vote for guilt! Not citizens! Citizens have not been a concern of
    DC ro over 28 years!

  4. david7134 says:

    I wonder if Trump is removed from office, can the country stand it. I don’t think so. Some of these Republicans don’t seem capable of thinking or looking down the road and seeing the consequences of there actions.

    Exactly who would be responsible for investigating the corruption of the Bidens, Hillary and Obama. All are involved in the pay/ play schemes. The FBI refuses to do their job. The justice department does nothing or acts as a blocker.

  5. John says:

    Teach I just saw a poll done by YouGov shows that 55% of Americans feel that Impeachment probe is needed

  6. It seems to me that paying off a foreign government with a billion taxpayer dollars to overlook political corruption by a son of a Vice president is a pretty big deal that someone should care about.

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