Surprise: The Green New Disaster Is About Building A Whole New World

Strange, I thought it was about solving ‘climate change’. No?

The Green New Deal is really about designing an entirely new world

(lots of yapping about FDR’s New Deal, which they even say caused a lot of today’s problems)

The Green New Deal resolution states it’s the duty of the U.S. “to invest in the infrastructure and industry of the United States to sustainably meet the challenges of the 21st century.” The language is intentionally ambiguous and open-ended, giving designers and policymakers space to imagine. Creating “sustainable environments” and “building resiliency,” as HR 109 states, will look very different for coastal cities of millions versus sparsely populated inland rural areas. That ambiguity becomes slightly more concrete in the sections that call for “guaranteeing universal access to clean water,” “upgrading buildings,” and “cleaning up existing hazardous waste and abandoned sites.”

Physically, infrastructure changes will need to involve moving us away from fossil-fuel use entirely, adapting the built landscape to sustain severe weather and extreme climatic conditions, using materials and building techniques that are robust and aren’t extractive, and moving people, many of them displaced by natural disasters, to safer and more resilient areas. And most importantly, new infrastructure will need to center quality of life for all people, especially those whom previous policy left behind, ignored, or flat out exploited.

So, they’re going to move everyone out of NYC, Boston, Miami, LA, and such, because they feel that the cities are doomed? Or is it just about forcing people in the suburbs and rural areas into centralized locations for better control?

To Orff, speculative infrastructure has the power to influence new policy through the very process of imagining it. Through the workshopping process, architects and designers could build the diverse coalitions of policymakers, lawyers, community members, engineers, and other stakeholders needed to realize a project and make sure it meets the goals of the Green New Deal.

“We need to visualize and give form to the exciting, new low-carbon landscape,” she said during her presentation. “Let’s convene lawyers, policymakers, and designers to link scales of design to policy… The answer isn’t just for designers to be political, but to design in a political context.”

Lawyers, huh?

Anyhow, this is all about infrastructure and how it relates to the climate change scam, essentially all about designing it to control people

Climate policy is a key issue leading into the 2020 election, and candidates are making their positions known and promising to invest trillions. Joe Biden says he will commit $5 trillion to a climate plan, which includes a call to improve the country’s rail network. Elizabeth Warren is pledging $3 trillion for her climate plan, which includes calls for green infrastructure, like solar and wind farms, and $400 billion earmarked for research and development of green technology. Bernie Sanders has a $16 trillion plan, which aims to decarbonize the country’s transportation and energy systems by 2030. These plans, like the Green New Deal house resolution, are also just policy frameworks. Where policy manifests and becomes real and tangible is in our infrastructure—our transportation systems, energy grid, parks, schools, public spaces, cultural and civic buildings, and the very streets on which we live.

This would give Government even more power over your life and mobility. Surprise!

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One Response to “Surprise: The Green New Disaster Is About Building A Whole New World”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    Every article written by the doom and gloomers increasingly shows that the 10-12 years were all gonna die montage is nothing but BS designed to scare young kids into having anxiety attacks and screaming at mom and dad to never vote for a republican again.

    The reality is that the GND. Or Great news Dummy………your not gonna die, your probably not even going to be affected by any bad weather in your lifetime that is life altering.

    But just to be sure we need to get rid of planes, trains and automobiles, motorcycles, travel trailers and all those millions of UNION JOBS in order to solve a problem that might or might not occur in a couple thousands of years.

    Are you listening Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin? Better vote Trump or your jobs are gone. Ford, GM, Toyota, GMC, Dodge all GONE…..all those companies that make auto PARTS……gone.

    GONE Now DIE……………..GND Green new deal is now GONE, NOW DIE.

    Fearmongering 101.

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