The Power And Anger, But Mostly Anger, Of Climate Change Voters Is Growing Or Something

The Cult of Climastrology may be driving much of what the Democratic candidates are saying and the policies they’re trotting out during the pre-primaries, but, it won’t help in the general elections

The growing power and anger of climate change voters

The voter passionately motivated by climate change was once something of an anomaly. But that is changing as President Donald Trump has systematically unraveled the nation’s environmental regulations at the same time that Americans have witnessed a series of climate-related crises: fires in the Amazon, hurricanes that churn with increasing fury and record-shattering temperatures and weather events across the US.

Surprisingly, this isn’t in an opinion section, but, hey, CNN

For the first time in any presidential cycle, Democrats had a mainstream candidate — in Washington Gov. Jay Inslee — who ran a campaign centered on climate change. Since Inslee dropped out last month, his former rivals have vowed to pick up his mantle — with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren literally adopting Inslee’s climate change plan as her own as she and nine other candidates prepared for CNN’s town hall solely focused on the climate crisis.

So, the only guy who’s entire campaign was based on Hotcoldwetdry failed miserably? Huh.

“In 2018, we saw a big shift in terms of candidates running on climate change as never before, and that has only increased as we’re seeing in the presidential,” Sittenfeld said. “I think — if not every candidate, pretty close to every single candidate — who is going to be on (CNN’s town hall) stage has put out an ambitious, comprehensive plan to combat the climate crisis. So we’ve definitely seen that this issue is finally starting to get the attention that it deserves.”

Interestingly, the policies they push for ‘climate change’ dovetail perfectly with the rest of their authoritarian/SJW beliefs, and seem to spend less time on ‘climate change’ than on all the authoritarian/SJW stuff.

The growing alarm is most pronounced among younger voters. John Della Volpe, who directs the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics poll, noted that climate change “is now viewed as a top area of concern within both a domestic and foreign policy framework” for those within the 18-29 year-old age group, though it generally still ranks behind health care, the economy and immigration.

Good luck depending on the youth vote. It never materializes.

Of course, there’s a lot of anti-Trump stuff in the screed

He has mocked the “Green New Deal” proposed by Democrats as an exorbitantly costly and unnecessary — a policy disagreement that is likely to loom large during the general election.

Would this be the same GND that Democrats won’t vote on in the House and voted “present” on in the Senate?

Anyhow, blah blah blah, hate on Trump, polls polls polls, all while forgetting that the majority do not even want to pay $10 a month to “solve” Hotcoldwetdry.

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