Brave Sir Cory Booker Releases His Own $3 Trillion Hotcoldwetdry Plan

In terms of cost, it is not as bad as others, but, we all know that the cost would skyrocket when implemented, and, further, it would skyrocket the cost of living for citizens. And Spartacus Booker is happy to take lots of fossil fueled trips to tell us about it

U.S. presidential candidate Booker proposes $3 trillion climate change plan

U.S. presidential hopeful Cory Booker unveiled a $3 trillion plan to address climate change on Tuesday, vowing to reach a 100% clean energy economy by 2045 by sharply curbing fossil fuels while investing heavily in renewable energy sources.

The plan also calls for a new White House-coordinated “Environmental Justice Fund” that would focus on defending at-risk communities from environmental threats, including a nationwide lead remediation program to replace all lead water pipes for schools and residences.

Booker’s home of Newark, New Jersey, where he served as mayor for seven years, has been grappling with lead contamination in its water supply in recent weeks.

“We are facing a dual crisis of climate change and economic inequality,” Booker said. “Without immediate action, we risk an incredible human toll from disasters, health impacts, rising national security threats, and trillions of dollars in economic losses.”

What does lead contamination have to do with climate change, whether natural, man-caused, or some sort of combination? It’s certainly a man-caused issue, but nothing to do with the climate. Pretty much because the Cult of Climastrology places every single issue under its banner, which is how you get “environmental justice” garbage.

Booker said he would impose a carbon tax on natural gas, coal and oil producers and return some of the revenue to Americans via a monthly dividend, though his campaign did not offer specific figures. Several lawmakers from both parties have introduced versions of a fee-and-dividend system in Congress, though none of the bills appear likely to pass.

So, he’ll cause your energy costs to skyrocket, causing your cost of living to skyrocket. And then he’ll give you some money back, making you reliant and subservient to Government.

The proposal includes several executive actions that Booker would take as president, including barring new offshore and onshore fossil fuel leases, requiring all new passenger vehicles be zero emission starting in 2030 and requiring fossil fuel companies to stop all methane leaks.

Even a Tesla isn’t zero emissions. A lot are created to manufacture them. But, if Booker makes this happen, vehicles would be too expensive for most people to afford. Have fun taking the family on a trip to the beach on the bus. Not that you’ll have any money to do that. And that’s not even counting that these actions would be un-Constitutional, but, hey, what’s a pesky old document in the face of Doom?

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6 Responses to “Brave Sir Cory Booker Releases His Own $3 Trillion Hotcoldwetdry Plan”

  1. Discussions about costs in the Trillions is meaningless. At some point, it’s all just fantasy money. It is an incomprehensible amount of money. It dwarfs the normal billions that we haggle about every day and even turns millions lost to waist, fraud and abuse to trivial.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    Once again we only have 10-12 years….2019+12 equals 2031, not 2045.

    and of course, the plan will be to give 3 trillion dollars to democratic donors. But you know the plan. Look at Obamacare. Just get an ff-ing bill in place and its totally impossible to get rid of.

    So the left wants to get anything in place. ANYTHING…..lie, steal, cheat, fake news, fake science anything and guess what. It’s the law. No more fossil fuels, no more cars, trucks, planes. No more UNION JOBS

    I was watching a special on the Great Barrier Reef from Australia in which the main guy doing all the research said that its nothing but lies and misdirection as they talk about the death of the Great Barrier Reef. In fact, he says….. it’s doing better than ever despite warming waters and the same corals found on the reef that is in such great jeopardy are actually thriving in areas of the oceans where the water is 1-2 Degrees Centigrade warming. Bleaching is a nonfactor, pollutants are unmeasurable and pesticides and herbicides are unmeasurable and are having zero effect.

    In fact, the great barrier reef is GROWING not shrinking. Well needless to say the guy who was in charge of studying the Great Barrier Reef is now without a job because OMG we can’t have the truth. Liars all.

  3. Mad Celt says:

    It’s squirrel farts, Spartacus. The tree rats are passing way too much gas.

  4. ST says:

    Fox News Channel Video – Stuart Varney: Check your 401(k), you might get a surprise

  5. Jobn says:

    Wow ! Trillion is such s bigly number
    Hmmmm? Where can we get an extra trillion ???
    Wait !!! I have an idea !!
    We can just end that trillion dollar tax cut that Trump gave to the super rich

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