We Need A Non-Proliferation Treaty For Fossil Fuels Or Something

Remember, these same people attempting to force Everyone Else to give up their fossil fuels per government decree mostly refuse to voluntarily give up their own. The article even features a pithy picture of a nuclear detonation!

Why we need a non-proliferation treaty for fossil fuels

The burning of fossil fuels is the primary cause of the current climate crisis. And yet the Paris Agreement, the landmark accord which is meant to keep the world from passing warming of 1.5C, does not even mention them.

We need a new approach which puts front and centre the increasingly obvious need to fairly leave the majority of fossil fuel reserves in the ground.

(blah blah blah, typical Warmist claptrap)

In a paper in Climate Policy, we make the case for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty (NPT). Taking its cue from the non-proliferation treaty for nuclear weapons concluded after just three years in 1968, a fossil fuel version could have three pillars.

These parallel those of the nuclear NPT: non-proliferation (an agreement not to exploit new reserves), disarmament (the managed decline of existing fossil fuel infrastructure) and peaceful use (the financing of low carbon alternatives through a global transition fund). (snip)

These are actions which national governments could list as part of their climate commitments under the Paris Agreement to raise the level of ambition.

See, the only way to make this happen is by Government force. Funny how that always seems to be the solution, eh?

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