Having Solved All Of Oregon’s Problems, Senate Passes Bill Limiting Straws

Plastic pollution is not a joke. Even with the notion that the majority these days comes from China and India, each of us can do our part. It doesn’t have to be about ‘climate change’, or even extreme enviroweenieism. Seriously, do you like driving around, going for a walk, riding a bike, going to beach or the mountains or the park and seeing garbage, much of which is plastic? But, should Government be dictating choice?

Oregon Senate passes bill limiting plastic straws

Oregon’s Senate passed a law Thursday to limit the use of plastic straws.

SB 90, approved by a 23-6 vote, would prohibit single-use plastic straws at restaurants unless a customer asks for one. Drive-thrus would still be able to hand out plastic straws.

In a press release, Oregon Democrats highlighted the environmental risks of plastic straws.

“We use a straw for less than an hour, but it continues to exist in nature for longer than our lifetime,” said state Sen. Michael Dembrow (D), who introduced the bill on the Senate floor.

“We can use a straw, throw it away and forget about it as an inconsequential part of our lives. But that straw can easily end up in the ocean or somewhere else in nature. There, a single straw can have significant and sometimes deadly impacts on animals. The viral video of a turtle having a straw painfully removed from its nostril provides clear evidence that our seemingly inconsequential acts have significant consequences for other creatures.”

I’m not going to disagree with Dembrow’s assessment. This doesn’t have to be a political issue in terms of reducing plastic pollution. But, again, should government be passing laws like this? For one thing, there really is no enforcement mechanism. Does anyone think a cop will go in to get a burger and give a ticket when they are given a straw? Heck, most places do not hand you a straw, they have a big container with them. Something like this would be better as a resolution which asks places with straws to limit their use and replace them mostly with recyclables, paper straws, and recycle containers for plastic straws, many of which are stirrers for coffee.

Because, really, Oregon has a few more important issues, such as the quick rising homeless problem, used syringes all over the streets in cities like Portland, and rising crime. We do learn, though, from the overview

Prohibits restaurant from providing single-use plastic straw to consumer unless consumer requests straw.] Provides that State Department of Agriculture shall enforce prohibition in course of inspecting food establishments. Provides that after second instance of violation, department may impose fine of not more than $25 for each day in which restaurant remains in violation of prohibition. Caps total fines at $300 per restaurant during each calendar year.] Specifies exemptions from prohibition. Permits enforcement officer to enforce prohibition in course of conducting inspection of food and beverage provider or convenience store. Provides that violation of prohibition is subject to notice in first and second instance and to fine of $25 for each subsequent instance. Caps allowable fines at $300 during calendar year. Preempts local regulation after effective date of Act. Becomes operative on January 1, 2020. Declares emergency, effective on passage.


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5 Responses to “Having Solved All Of Oregon’s Problems, Senate Passes Bill Limiting Straws”

  1. Alex says:

    I agree that it is not up to the government to dictate this but at the same time, there should be a personal responsibility to create a reduction in plastic waste. Or businesses themselves should choose to create this action.

    Example: My hometown in Missouri has no law against handing out plastic straws yet many of the bars where the college kids roam around, only hand out metal straws that you pay for ($0.30 or so). I respect businesses that do this but hate the “need” for government intervention.

  2. formwiz says:

    I believe the answer you seek is not, “No”, but “Hell, no”.

  3. Mangoldielocks says:

    I have solved the mystery.

    Why? Why is the left in hysteria over AGW.

    We are going to drown.

    WHO lives on the coasts?


    Heres an idea. Build some sea walls and everything will be just fine. OH wait. I forgot they are too busy giving free stuff to illegals to be able to afford sea walls. Well my daddy told me I needed to prioritize.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    2018: Having solved all of America’s problems, Congress voted for the 143rd time to repeal the ACA.

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