If All You See…

…is a wonderful wildspace that will soon be turned to dust from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Creeping Sharia, with a post on how Democrats in Pa reacted to reading the opening prayer.

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8 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. formwiz says:

    She is a nicely rounded little thing, isn’t she?

    PS The data’s cooked. Get a life.

    And a clue.

  2. StillAlive says:

    Explain this please Mr. Bear. I’m too lazy to watch your propaganda? Explain AGW to me and why you think it is warming. Also give me facts and statistics backed up by multiple sources. Then explain how CMIP-CMIP-5 have failed to take UV radiative forcing into their equations. Also please explain why observed temperature data in no way is comparable to modeled data?

    I would like your explanation as to why I should believe you are correct that AGW is in fact a very real issue that needs immediate addressing and why you believe that the USA alone can solve this problem given the USA has reduced their carbon footprint more than any other country already.

    Please extrapolate. I would love to hear your actual views and not just links, videos and information from other people.

    • StillAlive says:

      Just as I suspected. Afraid to actually say what he believes other than posting a bunch of videos of other people saying what they believe. This is always the case, when the AGW argument spirals down the toilet it ends up back at the feet of a couple dozen men all making insane amounts of money from governments to spew horseshit.

      Right now there is a very strong argument for the start of a new mini-ice age. In fact during the recent flooding from the massive blizzard a couple weeks ago America has lost 38 percent of its GRAINS meaning the prices are going way up boyz.

      Now the AGW crowd would argue. See I told you. We need to smash fossil fuels. The other side argues And how do you feed the world? The AGW crowd will argue who cares were all going to die and the other side will say. Yes that is true if you smash Fossil Fuels.

      I argue one simple fact. The sun is in sunspot cycle 24 and is now headed for its minimum. The number of sunspots have been dramatically lower than the last sunspot cycle. Sunspots directly correlate to the warming of the planet. A weakening polar vortex over the north pole is moving southward as a direct result of the weakening Magnetosphere caused by a weakening sunspot cycle. IN addition magnetic north has moved a 1000 miles in the last 100 years and is accelerating to a whopping 50 miles per year.

      All of this combined has nothing to do with Co2. In fact the more Co2 in the air the more likely we are to diminish the effects of a life ending mini-ice age. By life ending I mean 1-2 billion people will be displaced and when this happenes the middle latitudes will go into massive DRAUGHTS.

      The combined effects of this will be the deaths of billions of people around the globe. AOC is right. Were all going to die in 12 years but not from Carbon Dioxide. She is right Climate is changing.

      I agree 100 percent climate is changing. Its the cause that is the issue and falsely flagging CO2 is ludicrous. But we all know we need something to blame. You cant blame the sun and get governments to spend trillions putting up a giant curtain over the earth. So they blame co2 because its convienient.

      I hope you are preparing folks. Buy food, batteries, fuel. The ice-age is expected to hit next year or at the latest 2024. Im banking on 2020. Already we are seeing drastically falling temperatures in the northern latitudes.

      AGW IS CORRECT in that in other parts of the world it is warmer. But it will also be in massive famine and draught and all those MEXICANS? guess what they will be closing their borders to dying Americans when it becomes unliveable in Canada, Alaska and the northern half of the United States.

      Couple that with massive draughts in liveable areas and yeah. The world is in serious danger of world wide wars and famine and deaths the likes of which none of us can every imagine.

      PREPARE….but do not tell people you are preparing or they will kill you and your family and steal what is yours. That is what I predict we are facing based upon the last mini-ice age of the 18th and 19th century.

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