Open Borders Washington To Expand Sanctuary State Laws

If only the state cared as much about all the homeless streaming into their state and especially cities like Seattle as the did with illegal aliens

Expanded sanctuary state rules advance in Washington

A proposal to expand Washington state’s existing sanctuary state rules is moving forward in the Legislature, potentially strengthening an existing wall of West Coast states with such policies.

The bill, from Mercer Island Democratic Sen. Lisa Wellman, would limit the ability of police to inquire about immigration status in noncriminal situations. It would also require schools, courthouses and other government facilities to adopt rules minimizing the risk of being used as staging grounds for immigration stops, along with other protections

The bill had a public hearing Friday in the House. It previously passed the Senate.

At the hearing, Wellman said the measure would protect the state’s workforce in the agriculture, hospitality and high-tech sectors.

“We have 30 percent of Microsoft here on visas,” Wellman said in an interview before the hearing. At the same time, she said, “You can’t open a hotel if you don’t have immigrants in back-of-house.”

The bill would also prohibit state and local police from passing immigration status information to federal authorities unless required by law.

But, ICE doesn’t really go after those on visas, unless they have broken laws. It’s a cute way to conflate legal with illegal immigration. Regardless, they can pass these laws all they want, and all ICE will do is go to more courthouses and government buildings – excluding schools, which ICE has a policy of non-intervention – to detain illegals, which are a lot safer for the agents.

The protections would put Washington on par with – and in some areas beyond – Oregon and California, both of which have adopted their own sanctuary state policies.

Two other states that are having massive issues with homelessness. And which protect illegal aliens at the expense of legal citizens.

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2 Responses to “Open Borders Washington To Expand Sanctuary State Laws”

  1. Kye says:

    It’s becoming apparent these western states would prefer to secede and form their own nation. They seem to want to abide by their own laws only and ignore federal laws they don’t like. I think they should be considered in unlawful rebellion to the US and creating a Clear and Present Danger to the Citizens of this country by harboring criminals. Just as the North did when the South refused to obey legal federal legislation and invaded, so should the fed do now and place all federal funds to these states in suspension until they are in compliance with federal law. That’s what they do to us if we disobey the law and much, much worse.

  2. Bill589 says:

    Maybe we should get better control of how many poor people are entering the country since there is already not enough housing for those that are already here.

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