If All You See…

…is evil carbon pollution created heat snow, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is A View From The Beach, with a post on spring break.

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2 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. formwiz says:

    Come on back inside, dear.

    We’ll find a way to take the chill out of those poor little nipples.

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    Trump: “I guess if you look at what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that’s the case. I don’t know enough about it yet. They’re just learning about the person and the people involved,” he said. “But it’s certainly a terrible thing. Terrible thing.”

    Those remarks brought a strong reaction from Gillibrand, who accused Trump of covering for white supremacists and “racist terrorists.”

    Obama:The FBI is still gathering the facts about what happened in San Bernardino, but here’s what we know: The victims were brutally murdered and injured by one of their co-workers and his wife, so far we have no evidence that the killers were directed by a terrorist organization overseas, or that they were part of a broader conspiracy here at home. San Bernadino.

    Obama: “We’re all following it closely,” Obama told members of the White House press corps. “The situation is fluid right now … I want to just assure all of us we are going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.” FT. Hood.

    Obama: “nobody wants to find out more” about what happened than he does, and the administration was still gathering facts to “find out exactly what happened.” In response to Benghazi.

    Obama:”We still do not know who did this or why,” “We don’t yet have all the answers, but we do know that multiple people have been wounded, some gravely,” Obama said during brief remarks at White House, hours after two explosions at the race finish line caused dozens of injuries and at least two deaths. Boston Marathon Bombing.

    Obama: We don’t yet know all the details of what has happened. We have been in contact with French officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded. Paris bombings.

    Obama: “It is the top priority of my national security team. It is the top priority of our military. It is the top priority of our intelligence officers. It is the top priority of our diplomats,” he said. “But we are approaching this in a way that has a chance of working — and it will work.” Brussels bombings.

    Obama: I cant be bothered by calling a terrorist a terrorist and so when Trump doesn’t call a white nationalist a white nationalist he is evil.

    White nationalists have killed????? The Long List of Killings Committed by White Extremists Since the Oklahoma City Bombing The LONG list ends in 2011 with 24 attacks. From 1976 to 2011. or in other words 24 attacks in 35 years.

    Muslims extremists kill that many A DAY. Chicago has murdered more than that in a year. Yet the meme is WHITE NATIONALISTS are evil.

    YES THEY ARE but lets be real. Trump is not a racist. His reactions to these events are no different than Obama’s.


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