A Little House Cleaning On Plugins

With the latest version of the Apache server, which is one of the backend requirements to run a website, several functions have been killed off. I’ve already mentioned the loss of the ability to run a plugin which allowed things like bold, italic, embedding links, and more for commenting. I can look to put something new in if y’all want.

The plugin that allows you to “Read More” on the front page is very much non-compliant, and causes lots of issues. So, now, if I use a standard “More” tag, the post will open in a single page. If you happen to have the Collapsible More Link plugin by Chroder, also called More2.0, deactivate it.

It also caused a major issue with Pingback/Trackback plugins. I had it set up so that if someone sent a TB/PB it would show at the end of each post. If you happened to notice a short time yesterday where the front page stopped after the Pinup post, that’s why. So Inline Pingbacks and Trackbacks by Slobokan is a plugin you do not want to use.

Likewise, one called Trackping Separator by Thomas AU is dead. It allowed the separation of TBs/PBs from the comments. They would show above the comments. Would no longer work. So, TBs/PBs will now show in the comments.

If you are running WordPress, you should take a hard look at plugins. It used to be that updates to WordPress would kill a theme (I’ve had that happen long ago, thankfully no longer, crossing fingers). Now, updates to it and Apache can cause massive problems with plugins and all sorts of issues.

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