Latest Thing To Be Offended Over: Being Told You Look Younger Than You Are

Seriously, I’m having trouble keeping track of all the things we should be Offended over

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She showed up with someone I didn’t recognize. They looked effortlessly chic and fresh in crisp summer whites and gleaming Ray-Bans. He told me that he was on the “sixth anniversary of his 29th birthday.” I was irritated at being made to do math and felt underwhelmed and insecure with my chipped nails and ripped jeans. He turned to my friend and said it ― the statement I’d start hearing as soon as I leveled up to 30. “Don’t worry about getting old, honey! You look 10 years younger than your age.”

Now, having recently blown out the candles on my 39th birthday cake and made my wish (to climb Machu Picchu), I’m used to hearing that tired old tagline: “Happy Birthday! You … look so much younger than your age.”

First of all, it’s inaccurate. I look exactly how my mother and grandmother both looked when they were 39. I have the wrinkles, laugh lines and graying hair that come with age, plus the phantom pains that crop up if I forget to stretch after exercising. I would much rather hit up the farmers market than the club these days. I feel every single year of my 39 on the planet, and it feels good. It feels comfortable.

Is it OK to tell her to calm down, or is that Sexist? And, yes, this keeps going

We disclose our ages and the ages of our friends like apologies then immediately slap on the absurd statement that we (or they) look so much “younger.” This is ageism at its most insidious ― cloaked as a compliment.

Or, we could take it as the compliment it is meant to be, rather than getting Butthurt. Seriously, 14 paragraphs over this. This is how we and up with liberals like AOC.

Anyhow, to wipe this away, how about some Rush (my favorite band of all time) from their first album which turned 45 today, my favorite song off the album

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6 Responses to “Latest Thing To Be Offended Over: Being Told You Look Younger Than You Are”

  1. liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Maybe should just add, “and you’re ugly too” just so she won’t feel so offended.

  2. joe says:

    i would have told her this…the ugliness inside makes you look like a used whore…

  3. bob says:

    I’m offended by rap crap and listening to ebonics. can we do something about that?

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