Super Warmists Elon Musk, Mike Bloomberg Highlight Their Climahypocrisy

Elon Musk used to be a media darling. He’s fallen out of favor, so now we get things like

I wonder how much in the way of fossil fuels the Washington Post uses to gather and disseminate the news? Will the WP start going after Gore, Obama, Pelosi, Sheldon Whitehouse, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, etc?

Even better, though, is Green New Deal cheerleader Michael Bloomberg, who has long been a high ranking priest in the Cult of Climastrology

He decided to deflect and talk about his love of Cheez-Its. No, really. Listen.

These are questions in investigations that the media should be doing with everyone who is a high ranking member of the Cult of Climastrology. Essentially, are they practicing what they preach? It took college kid to do what the media should be doing. Instead, the media attacks high school kids for “smirking” in the face of abusive adults.

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One Response to “Super Warmists Elon Musk, Mike Bloomberg Highlight Their Climahypocrisy”

  1. StillAlive says:

    there was never a hole in the Ozone. It was a dry run on AGW. In fact Dupont’s patent on the CFC’s market was set to expire and they already had the new version ready to go. All they needed was a reason for everyone to switch to the new version of CFC’s. Enter OMG their is a hole in the ozone layer caused by CFC’s. Fact CFC’s are 4x’s heavier than air how could they possibly mix with the ozone layer and cause its depletion. Fact. Over the Artic the ozone layer is 1/3 rd as thick as the rest of the planet but has nothing to do with CFC’s. Dupont needed a reason to get everyone to switch to their newer version which they would continue to own the patent on and make insane amounts of money.

    DDT was considered dangerous hence all the backwoodsmen of the world in asia and Africa were told by the ELITIST world government that they could not use DDT anymore to kill Malaria ridden mosquitos. AT the time of its banning there was no proveable scientific evidence the banning was based upon a woman whose husband died of what she linked to exposure to DDT. She wrote a book called Silent Spring.

    The ELITISTS of the world started their FASCIST MARCH to tell the rest of the world you will NOT USE DDT’s because it is dangerous. Meanwhile 120 million people have now died from Malaria because elitists in the West want to DICTATE to the world what they should and should not do.

    Sound familiar?

    Fast forward to today and the new Elitist and Fascist march is AGW. Telling the world what they will and will not do because they can. A carefully orchestrated HOAX no different than DDT or the hole in the OZONE layer.

    Any discussion of the science of DDT and the Ozone layer was shut down because it could not stand the scrutiny. Any discussion of AGW is shut down because it cannot stand the scrutiny. Even the math behind their Green house effect is WRONG but who would dare argue with a scientist and a big formula derivative placed before them in Calculus??????

    they would hope no one. AGW is a scam bigger than CFC’s depleting the ozone layer and DDT causing massive cancer. My wife used to run behind trucks spraying DDT in our neighborhood and so did all her friends. They are now in their 60’s and none have gotten cancer.

    Welcome to the new world order dictating their moral values on the rest of the world using SCIENCE to scare monger all of us.

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