Super Incredible Cold Weather In Chicago Is Sign Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Who didn’t see this coming?

The big focus on this polar vortex has been on Chicago, and we end up with the typical Warmist claptrap fearmongering

That Antarctica thing is a big talking point amongst Warmists, forgetting that it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere, but still incredibly cold in the interior of the continent.

Someone blew the talking point on Antarctica. On last one, despite running across hundreds before stopping

Funny how this means changing our whole economic and political systems (they usually do not want to say to what), eh?

Also, none of them tell us how they’ve personally stopped using fossil fuels and made their lives carbon neutral.

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12 Responses to “Super Incredible Cold Weather In Chicago Is Sign Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Bill589 says:

    Freezing temperatures means global warming.
    The Dems are a Party of tolerance and inclusion.
    Islam is a religion of peace.
    …and the moon is made of cheese.

  2. JGlanton says:

    “climate bedwetting”

  3. OldManRick says:

    If there are three days of 10 degree below record cold and a month of below normal, how many days one half a degree warmer do you need to average out to global warming>

  4. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Wonder how all those windmills and solar panels are keeping them warm.

  5. david7134 says:

    It is actually the killer taxes and world communism that would make the weather like Camelot the year after passage.

  6. StillAlive says:

    The most sinister and diabolical movement in the history of the world. A movement designed to turn rich countries poor and to cede power to the United Nations. Unelected Bureacrats from tiny failing countries get to RUN Germany and Canada and the United States. They get to pass laws making it a crime to use Free Speech.

    The united states is the only country on the planet that has complete and total free speech. The reason our pundits rarely make speechs overseas is because of the intolerance of those nations and the dubbing of anything contentious or controversial as hate speech and subjects the person to being arrested.

    The EU passed a law into being which makes criticizing Immigration. Simply criticizing the practice as illegal. The UN wants the same thing in their accord to make immigration a human right. The cease with Borders. Notice no one is asking China or Russia or Iran or north korea to give up their borders. They are working on the EU and North America.

    Why would that be the case? Who stands the most to gain by the fall of the Western civilized world?

    This is the case for Global Warming. It is a scam of gigantic proportions. The green house effect does not work the way they scare monger us. It cannot or else this globe would have boiling oceans because the math they used in their scenario calls for runaway warming to SCAREMONGER US INTO CEEDING POWER TO THEM.

    One only has to look at the left screaming for a green new deal and were all gonna die so very soon and yet instead of mobilizing the world to pour trillions into preventing the end of the world they want FREE COLLEGE and MEDICARE FOR ALL and oh yeah lets spend a trillion or so on our Green deal to you know appease the hard core AGW crowd in our party.

    The fact no one really discusses why its so damn cold is terrifying to the world or should be. The sun is dormant, the inverse square rule applies. If the sun reduces its heat output by 1 percent that means 4 percent less heat strikes the earth. When the sun goes dormant as it is now with zero sunspots, the sun cools and so does the earth.

    Without sunspots the magnetosphere of the earth changes and weakens. This change drives the jet stream farther south chasing stronger internal magnetic pull from the earths crust. When this happens it pulls polar vortexes farther south meaning extremely cold temperatures in the northern latitudes.

    This will continue for 30-110 years with some even predicting a 400 year cycle. This is NOT the result of a 100 molecules of co2 it is the result of a cold sun. And that is why YOU should be preparing for the coming food shortages. It is why the UN is demanding people have the right to immigrate as a human right. Because their is a scenario where northern latitudes might be migrating to Mexico and North Africa in the coming 100 years.

    Certainly true if we eliminate coal, natural gas and carbon based power in favor of unreliable renewables in the face of a new ice age.

  7. Dana says:

    It’s cold here, 22º F this morning, and windy, with very light snow, a coating on the ground. The normal high for this time of year is 41º F. Tonight, the low is forecast to be down to 4º F; normal low is 25º F.

    But, just a week ago, it was above normal, and despite this cold snap, the winter has been slightly warmer than average, so I can’t combitch.

    The cats are in, enjoying the fireplace.

  8. Zachriel says:

    OldManRick: If there are three days of 10 degree below record cold and a month of below normal, how many days one half a degree warmer do you need to average out to global warming

    Actually, it has more to do with geographic distribution. The part of the U.S. experiencing extreme cold is only a small portion of the globe’s surface area.

    Note the very warm temperatures in northwestern North America on the map of global temperature anomalies, as well as the overall temperature anomaly.

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