Bummer: Wyoming Makes It “As Hard” To Get An Abortion As Get A Firearm

The gun grabbers constantly tell us how super easy it is to purchase a firearm. Apparently, they now do not think it’s that easy in Wyoming (via Twitchy)

The link in the first tweet shows

A bill restricting women’s access to abortion received initial approval Tuesday from the House Judiciary Committee.

House Bill 140 requires a woman seeking an abortion to first meet with a provider and then wait 48 hours before terminating her pregnancy.

The bill was introduced by Sheridan Representative Richard Tass. He told the committee that unlike a clothing purchase, women can’t change their minds about an abortion. He said the bill gives women time to consider the gravity of the decision.

It still takes longer to get a handgun, but, this highlights the murderous nature of Big Abortion.

Let me ask: if you start thinking about buying a car, does it pop in your head one day and you just get it done? A few people do, and they often live to regret it. I would see them bringing in their car within a month to get out of it. It is typically a multi-day, even week or several weeks long process. When I made the decision, kinda pushed into it due to a leak in the radiator, I looked at what we had, decided on a lease. Then did even deeper research on the same vehicles I sell day in and day out (also knocked Jeep out). I took 4 test drives. Knocked one car out except as a last resort. Had a large spreadsheet. Coworker mentioned a lease special. I can deal with red for 3 years. And actually love it.

But, it wasn’t a quick process. This is a Big Decision. This is a 3 year commitment. Heck, people will take 48 hours to decide which smartphone they want, even if they have an iPhone and are going to get another. An abortion is a big life decision, and one should think hard on it.

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7 Responses to “Bummer: Wyoming Makes It “As Hard” To Get An Abortion As Get A Firearm”

  1. Jacob Noire says:

    You’re assuming a woman wakes up one morning and decides, “I’m going to have an abortion today!” It’s likely she already gave it some thought. The 48 hr waiting period is to make it more difficult, period.

    Women seeking a legal abortion in Wyoming almost always have to travel overnight to find a provider. The 48 hr ‘waiting period’ is intended to impede her access to a provider, because of work, childcare or other obligations.

    • Dana says:

      Perhaps Mr Noire/Keene/Bodine thinks that the Empire State’s new abortion law, where it is perfectly legal now to kill a baby in utero right up until labor begins is the way to go.

      Given that the very late term abortion method used is to poison the unborn child, and then induce labor so that the ‘mother’ is then delivered of a dead baby, it would be safer to simply induce labor and then kill the infant after delivery. The practical effect being the same, a dead baby, I’m not sure why New York didn’t just legalize that procedure.

      • Jacob Noire says:


        You may have misinterpreted the New York law, which stops a woman from being charged with a homicide if she and her medical professional terminate her pregnancy after 24 weeks if: the fetus is deemed non-viable or to protect the health of the woman.

        What if a pregnant woman is diagnosed with cancer and needs chemotherapy (which takes a few months) to potentially save her life? If the chemotherapy extends past 24 wks of her pregnancy and kills the fetus, would you want her charged with homicide?

        Would you force a woman with anencephalic fetus to deliver under threat of being charged with homicide?

        As a society we can reduce the need for all abortions (including late-term abortions) by making certain that contraception and pre-natal care is made more accessible and widely available. What if all poor women were guaranteed access to free contraception and pre-natal care?


  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    Wait. Wyoming allows abortions? The most conservative state in the union. I thought when Trump was elected he was going to take away the rights of women. I thought the left had already announced to the world that Abortions were no longer going to be allowed in a country run by Trump?

    Comeon commies. Make up your mind.

    Shouts of hallelujah from the communists when states pass new gun laws but when a state like Wyoming puts a simple 48 hour waiting limit on an Abortion, its all hands on deck. Time to SJW lil ole Wyoming off the map.

  3. Mangoldielocks says:

    By the way after doing a little research on the subject. There are only two abortion clinics in Wyoming both located in the alternative capitol of Wyoming. Jackson Hole.

    One of the most conservative states in the nation has only put 11 bills into committee since 2010 and of those 11 four were passed on to the house for a vote. Only two were actually ever passed into law.

    In another bit of news. In 2015 Tenn. passes as 48 hour waiting period for abortions.

    Number of states with a waiting period. Only two states, Utah and South Dakota, currently have a 72-hour waiting period, though 26 states make women wait at least 18 hours for an abortion.

    Nothing to see here. Move along commies. Go back to the left coast and burn down your own buildings. If people dont like the laws in their states oh well join the crowd of the other 315 million americans that dont like something about laws in their own states.

  4. formwiz says:

    2 days, wotta hardship. And, in all probablity, most women do make the jump in one quick decision.

    Jeffery okusan, having only recently acquired a uterus, has yet to catch up with these thing.

    • Jacob Noire says:

      If a woman has to travel 400 miles for a legal abortion, it’s likely a two day wait requires a multiple night stay from home adding significant expense, not to mention time from work and children.

      This can be a real deterrent to obtaining an abortion.

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