Next On The SJW Hit List: White Female Teachers

WRAL is just one “local” station in a season of local stations. Yet, it is also the main station for the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh, with a pretty wide reach, especially since most of the protests are here in the capital. Don’t think that the SJWs won’t notice this, especially as you can bet this kind of thing happens across the nation to some degree

NC’s teacher diversity gap: ‘Where are the black and brown teachers?’

Wake County teacher Carl Tyson sat dumbfounded next to his former student, Trey Stevens. After all these years, why did Trey come back to his class to say he was a favorite teacher? Of all of the teachers, why was he so special?

“I’m trying to figure out the defining moment,” Tyson said, clearly honored but confused.

Trey, now a sophomore at Fuquay-Varina High School, explained it was Mr. Tyson’s PE class at Holly Grove Middle School and his reading club, “Boys, Books and Bow Ties,” that left an impression. He is also one of the only black male teachers Trey has had in school.

“I trusted you,” Trey whispered, his words soft but powerful.

Stunned, Tyson turned away, buried his face in his hand and cried. (snip)

Researchers say that kind of connection is crucial, especially between students and teachers of color, and can help minority students perform better in reading and math, score higher on standardized tests and be more likely to attend college. Known as the “role-model effect,” researchers say students of color benefit both academically and emotionally from seeing teachers who look like them.

See, now, if this was about a white kid having a connection with a white teacher, it would be called racist and white privilege. In Reality Land, it’s perfectly understandable to see how it can happen when a youngster sees someone who looks like them. It’s nature. Here’s the more important point, getting beyond the Human Interest lead

Yet in North Carolina, where minority students make up 52 percent of the traditional public school body, 80 percent of teachers are white. For students of color, especially black and Hispanic boys, that means they may seldom – or never – have a teacher who looks like them during their kindergarten through 12th grade years.

WRAL News analyzed data showing the race and gender of nearly 100,000 teachers and 1.4 million students in North Carolina’s 115 public school systems. Eleven school districts in the state had no Hispanic teachers last school year, and eight school systems had no black teachers. One district had no teachers of color at all.

The lack of teacher diversity was especially noticeable in rural school systems. But even in larger school districts, which have more racial diversity among students, teachers still tended to be predominantly white and female. (snip)

Statewide, 80 percent of all public school teachers are women and 80 percent are white. Nationally, 77 percent of public school teachers are women and 80 percent are white.

Now, this long, long investigative story will have a part two they investigate diversity and recruitment at North Carolina’s colleges of education and the NC Teaching Fellows program. That is something that’s rather important, along with the idea of “are blacks and Latinos attempting to become teachers in greater numbers, or do they have different educational goals?” We’ll find out Friday.

The reporter received a grant to work on this story. From whom? We aren’t told that, which could put it in context, and why are supposedly independent journalists receiving grants?

“These black boys were dropping out of high school at ridiculous rates,” Tafari said. “And I said, ‘Well, what’s going on? Why is this happening to black boys?’ … And then I realized, well you know what, they don’t see anybody that looks like them. So black boys don’t find education, they don’t find the classroom to be a safe space for them.”

On one hand, this is expected and understandable. On the other hand, if it was about whites wanting to see a white face for a teacher, it would be raaaaacist. Regardless, it’s almost like the people who are making these statements, who are teachers and teacher educators and write books and do research are advocating a segregated school system, not for racist reasons but for learning achievement.

Anyhow, white female teachers, they’re going to be coming after you. Which is rather ironic, since teachers tend to vote overwhelmingly Democratic Party, and are so often SJWs themselves, and the SJWs vote for the same party.

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8 Responses to “Next On The SJW Hit List: White Female Teachers”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    We are where we are because teachers unions have “professionalized” their membership by insisting on college degrees, instead of teaching certificates. The solution then is either to lower the standards at such colleges to the point of absurdity, or to eliminate the college degree requirement. Since the last one is unthinkable to the academic Left, it won’t happen. But grade inflation is always an option. Straight A-s for everyone for their 3 credit hour class in overhead projector operation.
    But the real problem is that black males see the school system as antagonistic to them. They would never volunteer to join that system as a career field. The solution would be something along the lines of letting the adult males “date” their female students along with alternative teachers credentials that give them credit for “life experience”, like the “Grad for Life” morons.

  2. Jl says:

    Must have missed their “Where are the white basketball players…or where are the black hockey players.”.

  3. Jacob Noire says:

    On the other hand, if it was about whites wanting to see a white face for a teacher, it would be raaaaacist.

    Is it really a problem that white kids never get to see white teachers? Really?

    And is advocating more Black teachers really an attack on white teachers or are you just trying to recruit more white victims?

    • gitarcarver says:

      And is advocating more Black teachers really an attack on white teachers or are you just trying to recruit more white victims?

      It is an attack on hiring and retaining the best teachers.

      Good teachers are not dependent on skin color, race, gender, etc.

      This is part of the hypocrisy of the left who only has hate. The left claims to want racial equality but act in a very different manner.

      Why are you against hiring and retaining the best teachers, regardless of race?

    • formwiz says:

      It was in the 70s, when this was all the rage.

      Didn’t work then, won’t work now.

      BTW You do realize calling yourself Noire means you’ve just called yourself a girl?

      Or is language another thing like science, politics, economics, and just plain good sense where you refuse to accept what the rest of the world agrees upon?

  4. david7134 says:

    In the 70s I was walking through a mall in Dallas where I was getting my fellowship. The public school teachers were having a meet and greet to get more kids going to public school. A woman approached me and said something, I had her repeat it, after several tries I finally understood that she was an English teacher for a public school. She was speaking in Ebonics and I could not understand her despite the fact that I had picked up the dialect due to my work with charity hospitals in Louisiana. I determined then that my kids would never see the inside of a public school.

  5. JGlanton says:

    They can’t honestly explain why black kids are failing in school so they impulsively blame a racist system. Because that’s what people on the left do.

  6. JGlanton says:

    Nationally, 77 percent of public school teachers are women

    Clearly, any problems in education are the responsibility of women. It’s a wonder that boys succeed at all when most of the teachers don’t look like them. If you look at K-5, there are almost no male teachers. Women control the gene pool, women control child rearing, women control day care, women control teaching our children, women control almost all household purchases and budgets and children’s toys and media… and our failing public schools are a hot mess of high costs, broken budgets, social justice agendas, bloated pensions, disrupted learning environments, leftist policies including feeding and teaching non-english speaking illegal immigrant children…
    Get more men in the schools!

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