We Can Save The Planet By Eating Insects Or Something

It’s totally a growing movement, you guys!

Would you eat insects to help save the planet? These companies are betting yes.

It’s the time when New Year’s resolutions have us on our best behavior. For some people, that’s January with no booze. For others it’s showing up at the gym. And for a growing number of people, it means eating insects.

What? Yes, insects. Why? Generally, people say they do it for their health and to try to save the planet.

Crickets, mealworms and grasshoppers pack a lot of protein and minerals, and take far fewer resources to produce than animal meat. Insects are popular in other parts of the world, and they are eaten by an estimated 2 billion people. They are sometimes a fine dining experience in countries such as Mexico and Thailand, where they have been a staple for centuries.

The problem for the entomophagy (humans eating insects) movement in the United States is that a lot of people think it is gross. (It is) But there are signs that bug eating is making inroads into the U.S. diet, including in Seattle, where toasted grasshoppers regularly sell out at Mariners games. Some adventurous New York chefs are developing insect recipes, and you can get packaged edible insects (one brand is called Chirps) delivered to your door. Personal technology is also getting on board: A popular health and fitness app recently added insect nutritional information to its diet plan so you can track your bug consumption.

Have at it Warmists!

He said his family also snacks on whole seasoned roasted crickets by the dozens, and his school-aged nephew has an interesting habit in the morning: If he is eating a bowl of cereal like Rice Krispies, he’ll drop whole crickets in there with the milk for added crunch and protein.

Goldin argues that there’s nothing unsavory about it.

“Yucky food is unhealthy food,” he said. “Food that promotes wellness is the opposite of yucky.”

Nah, still yucky. And part of the clarion call by Warmists to force Other People to give up their use eating of meat, something they’ve been pushing hard for years. But, not getting much traction, because most people have no interest in this. So, you get crazies like British MP Caroline Lucas seriously pushing for a tax on meat. Warmists do love their taxes.

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3 Responses to “We Can Save The Planet By Eating Insects Or Something”

  1. Kye says:

    Warmists certainly do love their taxes. As you’ve pointed out many times warmists are just green communists. I guess eating bugs will become the new way for them to signal their leftist privilege. Well, that and having a signed Azzlick Occasional-Cotex poster hanging in their basement over their X-Box One.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    “Insects are popular in other parts of the world, and they are eaten by an estimated 2 billion people.”

    We call those people “starving to death”. Insects are not a preferred food choice anywhere on the planet when beef, pork, chicken, eggs, llama, rabbit, or even squirrel are available. There is a reason that when the human race domesticated honeybees, we only ate the honey. Insects are disease vectors as well as just being pests. But on the whole, they are counterproductive to raise. it’s simply a matter of conservation of mass. For an insect to produce several pounds of flesh, they have to consume several hundred pounds of other insects. For a cow to do the same thing, they only have to eat grass, that grows back under sunlight.

    Eating bugs has always been a food of last resort and a test to see how stupid a 5 year-old is (by 6, they won’t eat worms on a dare). It occasionally gets used by reality show “survivalists” to show how committed they are, prior to eating at the catered buffet off camera.

  3. Hrefn says:

    I prefer my edible crickets processed through an organic device called a chicken, into chicken.

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