Good News: You Can Help Stop Hotcoldwetdry By Washing Your Clothes In Cold Water

I’ve actually had this PBS article sitting in my Getpocket account for a few days, but never got around to reading it in full, nor posting it. Watts Up With That’s? Eric Worrall took the time to read it and found a few howlers

How your brain stops you from taking climate change seriously

Inaction on climate change has been stymied by politics, lobbying by energy companies and the natural pace of scientific research — but one of the most significant barriers is our own minds.

Yeah, it’s pretty much the standard strawman looking at the psychology of why people won’t pay tons of taxes and fees and give up their freedom to government take action on climate change. What’s the excuse for the True Believers?

Finally, there are what Gifford calls “dragons of inaction” — the specific cognitive barriers that dominate someone’s view of climate change.

“The perception of not having control over the situation is certainly one of the biggest” barriers, Gifford said.

Whenever the NewsHour covers climate change, the most common responses we get from those who don’t believe that humans influence climate change point to the ice ages. They cite how the Earth has experienced natural cycles, between extreme cold and heat, for millennia.

Um, it has. That’s not a question. There have been multiple warm and cool periods during the Holocene, especially over the last 7,000 years. Might have to do a photoshop for the dragons of inactions schtick.

For instance, even if many people know that the average American emits about 17 tons of carbon every year, they don’t realize half of those emissions could be eliminated with simple fixes.

And what is one of them?

Washing clothes in cold water can save up to 15 pounds of carbon emissions per load, depending on your washing machine and your energy supplier.

But, see, this is a part of a section about Ignorance (why people don’t know how to live environmentally)

Another of these “dragons of inaction” is ignorance — not in a negative sense, but rather a lack of information. People often recognize that climate change is bad but don’t know quite what to do about it in their own lives.

It’s simple, and I’ve written about Warmists giving up their own fossil fuels usage and making their own lives carbon neutral many, many times. Essentially, give up your modern life. And using a washing machine, which requires the use of a dryer after, should be on the list of banned behaviors. Not using cold water, but just not using one at all.

There are plenty of other bits of nuttiness in the article. Check it out.

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One Response to “Good News: You Can Help Stop Hotcoldwetdry By Washing Your Clothes In Cold Water”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Obviously, we should get rid of washers and dryers altogether and return to those environmentally friendly days of slavery to get our clothes clean. Just think of the energy we will save by using forced human labor instead of evil-carbon-generating electricity. Sure, slavery is evil, but it’s for the environment.

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