Washington Post Offers Lots Of (Big Government) Ideas To Solve Hotcoldwetdry

The Washington Post and their staff could do their part by giving up their own use of fossil fuels to gather and disseminate the news, along with using only solar panels and wind turbines to power their operations….oh, right, right, it’s all about you being forced

How we can combat climate change

Last year’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sounded the alarm: The world has until 2030 to implement “rapid and far-reaching” changes to our energy, infrastructure and industrial systems to avoid 2 degrees Celsius of warming, which could be catastrophic. But the scale of the challenge can appear so overwhelming that it’s hard to know where to start. The Post asked activists, politicians and researchers for climate policy ideas that offer hope. Radical change from one state, or even the whole United States, won’t address climate change on its own, but taking these actions could help start the planet down a path toward a better future.

11 policy ideas to protect the planet

When you look at that list, you realize that other than two, nuclear and open electric markets, every single one of them involves the growth and power of Government, from the local to the state to the federal level. And that your cost of living and choice/freedom will be reduced.

As far as nuclear goes, they do not want to build new plants, ones that are that last generation, no, they just want to make sure they stay open till “green” energy is up and running. For the electric markets, this doesn’t include anything but wind and solar. They think introducing this competition will decrease costs, despite wind and solar being vastly more expensive. You know that they would block natural gas plants.

The Green New Deal is cute

While the Green New Deal would require a scale of government action not seen since the Great Depression and World War II, this type of job-creating policy is extremely popular and could ensure economic security to millions of Americans for the first time in decades, especially people of color and poor or middle-class Americans who have been left out of the economic gains of the past four decades. We can solve the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced and protect our air, water and land for future generations.

Young people have a right to good jobs and a livable future. The Green New Deal is a winning plan for both.

Funny how this looks exactly like every other Statist type proposal which grows government and looks like social justice warrioring.

You can bet that if we put a carbon tax on news orgs which use lots of fossil fuels and lots of trees to make their papers, as well as lots of energy to broadcast the news, the news media would give up their affection and preoccupation with ‘climate change’.

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  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Oh my! This just can’t be! Because science and shit… real science!

    Effectively, however, it means it is also the 6th warmest since 1998, and confirms that global temperatures have more or less plateaued since 1998.


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