A New Year’s Prediction Challenge For Climate Alarmists (And Pinup)

Happy New Year’s! Welcome to 2019! And one year closer to End Of Life As We Know it. 2150 and 2200 are fast approaching, the primary dates that the climate alarmists always want to use to denote when Earth is going to burn, baby, burn in fire, dan dan daaaan, fire, dan dan daaaaan.

New Year’s is usually a time when we make resolutions which we abandon when we realize that chocolate, bacon, and beer are great (and bacon cooked in beer and covered with chocolate!) In the blogosphere, we often make predictions for the New Year. Instead, how about a challenge? I’ve done this every year since 2011, though I forgot last year.

For a long time, the alarmists have been making predictions as to what the climate will do. They say in 10 years, 50, 100. Heck, their big talking point now is doom if we, meaning you, not them, do not Do Something within 12 years. Instead, why not, say, make predictions for……2019! What I want for them to do, from the biggest of big climahypocrites, such as Al Gore, James Hansen, Barack Obama, and Leonardo DiCaprio, to the smallest climate dupes, is tell us exactly what the climate will do this year. For some of these questions, I’m using the USA, but, alarmists from around the world can use their own country/region, if they like:

  • What will the average temperature of the Earth be for 2019? Most scientists place it at 59 degrees F (15 C). How far above, or below, will it be?
  • What will the average temperature be for the USA?  The rough average for the USA is 53 F.
  • How many tropical systems will there be in the Atlantic? How many will hit the USA?
  • What will the four seasons do in 2019? Warmer, colder, hotter, wetter? Tell us
  • What will each month look like in the USA? How about in your home state?
  • Which months will be above average, and which ones below, temperature wise?
  • What states will have big floods, and during what months?
  • What will tornado season look like?
  • How many destructive thunderstorms will there be, and in which states?
  • How many “extreme” weather events will there be?
  • How much ice will the poles gain/lose?
  • Will the Arctic be ice free this summer?
  • What will the average precipitation be for your home city? Average temperature? Average low’s and highs?
  • How many earthquakes will there be (since, apparently, climate change/globull warming creates earthquakes)?
  • Pick an island, and tell us how much the sea will rise around it.

There are many, many, many more questions that can be asked, but, I know what the alarmists are thinking: “Teach, that is weather, not climate! I refuse to participate!” Ah, but, what, exactly, is climate? Let’s pull a couple good definitions

  • Climate encompasses the statistics of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, rainfall, atmospheric particle count and numerous other meteorological elements in a given region over long periods of time
  • Climate is the average weather conditions at a particular place over a long period of time. Climate is the long-term predictable state of the atmosphere. It is affected by physical features such as mountains, rivers, positioning of the globe, plateaus, deserts, depressions and much more.
  • The general or typical atmospheric conditions for a place and/or period of time. Conditions include rainfall, temperature, thunderstorms, lightning, freezes, etc.

Notice, “long term predictable.” Weather and other natural forces create climate. And right now the alarmists are saying “but, Teach, one year is not considered to be a “long period of time!”” Well, you have plenty of data available for the long term, and, with all your vast knowledge of what the climate is doing, due to man’s release of greenhouse gases, surely you alarmists can make predictions for 2019 based on that long term data, and be mostly correct, right? Surely, you aren’t afraid to make predictions for this year, and tell us what the climate during 2019 will do, right? But, you have to make your predictions, and can’t go back and change them up as the year goes on. And at the end of the year, we will see how well you have done.

Any alarmist up for the challenge? And no cheating be reading the Farmer’s Almanac, which tends to be right way more than the Met, NASA, UN IPCC, and other alarmist groups are. Forget about your PR blitzes, “spreading awareness” campaigns, your advocacy, your stunts, and tell us what will happen. If you’re correct, for a change, maybe people will start to believe you again.

Oh, and a second challenge: live your life in 2019 in the manner you tell everyone else to live.

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5 Responses to “A New Year’s Prediction Challenge For Climate Alarmists (And Pinup)”

  1. Jl says:

    From experience, the response to those questions would be along the line of “this is just a blog, a propaganda site, 97% believe…., you must be funded by big oil, have you published a peer-reviewed paper?, just a denier site, the science is settled, the site you link to has been discredited, every scientific organization, ect., ect.” I’m sure I’ll come up with more stock responses that they no doubt teach in alarmist response school to new cult members….

  2. Jethro says:

    An inspiring message for 34% of Americans, but all Covians!

    Donald J. tRump
    ‏ Verified account

    5:08 AM – 1 Jan 2019

    Will CO2 continue to increase? Yes.

    Will 2019 be warmer than 2018? Maybe. A weak El Nino superimposed on CO2-caused warming may push it up.

    • formwiz says:

      Will Jeffery keep making as ass of himself? Yes.

      Will he keep citing data that’s obviously phony in the hope we’re as dumb as he is? Yes.

      Will Trump keep growing in approval? Yes. (Jeffery’s off by a good sixth, BTW)

  3. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Prediction for 2019…

    A nignorant angry little negro fella in st. louis will rehash all the same stupid shit he’s posted here since well, … forever.

    Book it. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  4. JP Blickenstaff says:

    Climate is an abstraction (definition) based upon data/facts (weather, geography) over a specified period of time. Part of Science is cataloging (creating logical categories) out of the data/facts available. For climate to change the weather data has to be trending up or down. Change is the only constant in the Universe. To say that climate change is helpful or harmful (good and bad are moral terms) one must propose an optimum data point and optimum for who or what; individuals or populations or species? AND one must defend their choice of a climate optimum point from which change should not occur. (environmental change is one spur of evolutionary adaptation) To propose a climate optimum for humans, minimizes the optimums for other species in the eco-system.

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