You’ll Totally Care About ‘Climate Change’ If Someone Gives You A Check!

Just like with all the climate scientists, who receive a lot of government funding so they so often seem to take a very specific position, eh?

COMMENTARY: Want citizens to care about climate change? Write them a cheque


Political leaders need to care about climate enough to take on polluting entities like fossil fuel companies that supply or generate the vast majority of energy, provide millions of jobs and make political contributions.

Huh. So, Warmists want to obliterate what provides most of our energy? They’d be the first to complain when they can’t turn on MSNBC because of rolling blackouts.

We argue that the apathy of political leaders reflects the apathy of their citizens. Many politicians, and the people they represent around the world, simply do not view climate change as a crisis. Even when mainstream cable channels are covering it (a rarity in itself), people seem to care more about the next sports showdown or celebrity gossip for entertainment in their daily lives.

People might care in theory, but, they do not care in action.

So how do we get citizens to care about climate?

Any energy transition will need to be preceded by a transition of vocal and influential citizens, or swing voters, away from an anti-climate position. We don’t necessarily need all citizens of diverse socioeconomic and educational backgrounds to understand climate science or proactively support it (though that would be highly desirable), we just need a politically influential section of citizens to not oppose bold climate action.

After 30 years of failure to make this happen, they essentially want to jam it thru. Here we go

If carbon pricing is going to be a significant vehicle for climate action, then the key to securing broader support is through people’s wallets.

We should take advantage of human nature. People care about personal gains like well-paying jobs and pay raises. And they instinctively oppose taxes. But would they oppose a tax if they directly profit from it?

The ideal approach would be to distribute a large portion of the carbon tax revenues back to the working class families to compensate for the higher costs of energy products and services.

This would address real concerns that carbon pricing can disproportionately affect the economically marginalized (as seen in France). But it also dangles a real incentive for citizens to actually demand a carbon tax.

See? It’s so easy! When you’re cost of living goes up up up the government will give you a bit of money to cover some of the increase, say, four fifths, according to some of these schemes offered by the Cult of Climastrology. So, you’d get a check for $40 for every $50 you cost of living goes up. Obviously, in reality, you’d never get that much back from Government. Further, the Warmists are relying on people staying stupid, not realizing that it is government which jacked up their cost of living. Are we supposed to be happy that we get a pittance back?

If the supermarket raised the price of milk by $5 a gallon but said they’d give you a voucher for $4, would you be happy to get that check? Or would you think this was a scam?

Further, what happens here is that it makes citizens way more reliant on government, which would now be supporting their lives, and what can be given can be taken away. Funny how this gives government more power over your life, eh?

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