Hot Take: Jerry Brown Says ‘Climate Change’ Challenges As Serious As WWII

It’s so serious that the vast majority of Warmists, including Jerry Brown, refuse to actually act like it’s as big a crisis as what the Axis powers attempted to do

Jerry Brown: Climate change challenges as serious as those faced in World War II

California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown warned that America and the rest of the world are falling behind in the fight against climate change and likened the challenge to fighting the Nazis in World War II.

In an interview for Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” the outgoing governor called on President Donald Trump to take the lead in addressing the issue. “Instead of worrying about tariffs, I’d like to see the president and the Congress invest tens of billions in renewable energy, in more-efficient batteries, to get us off fossil fuel as quickly as we can,” Brown said.

“I would point to the fact that it took Roosevelt many, many years to get America willing to go into World War II and fight the Nazis. Well, we have an enemy, though different, but perhaps, very much devastating in a similar way. And we’ve got to fight climate change. And the president’s got to lead on that.”

Not one person on Meet The Press, not one so-called journalist, challenged him on this

But even Brown admitted that his efforts have been “not even close” to enough.

“Not close in California, and we’re doing more than anybody else. And not close in America or the rest of the world,” Brown said.

“We’ve got to get those zero-emission cars on the road. We have to figure out new ways of making cement. We’ve got to clean up our ships, which are creating more pollution than California and Texas put together. The technology, the investment, the lifestyle changes, the land-use changes, this is a revolutionary threat.”

So, even in uber-Warmist California they are unwilling to make the changes necessary for their beliefs, at least in their own lives. In fact, MTP spent the entire hour on ‘climate change’, and issue that people say they really care about, but aren’t willing to make changes in their own lives.

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