Trump Visits Iraq, Media Find Ways To Complain, Including Over Melania’s Shoes

And the Credentialed Media wonders why Trump battles with them?

Fake News: NBC Spreads False Claim President Trump Did Not Visit Troops at ‘Christmastime’

NBC News and a variety of other media outlets falsely reported that President Donald Trump did not visit U.S. troops in a combat zone during Christmastime. NBC has yet to retract its demonstrably fake headline, and has left the fake story up on its website as of publication of this article.

On Wednesday afternoon, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that President Trump and first lady Melania Trump made a surprise secret Christmas visit to U.S. troops in Iraq.

It is customary for the White House to be secretive when it comes to presidential travel to war-torn areas and active combat zones. The White House did not confirm the trip until mid-afternoon on Wednesday.

In the White House press pool report from Time Magazine’s Brian Bennett, filed from Iraq, he notes that the president left the White House late on Christmas night and arrived in Iraq on Wednesday.

The troops loved Trump being with them in Iraq, and having Melania there even more. Thunderous applause. Of course, the news media got all jiggy wit it, as the above article delves deeper. We even have Brit Hume causing Soledad O’Brien to meltdown over her time traveling tweet on Trump in Iraq.

But here’s where it gets more fun, with multiple outlets running articles on Melania’s shoes

Melania Trump gets mocked for wearing Timberland boots while visiting the troops

Melania Trump made a surprise trip to Iraq on Wednesday with her husband President Donald Trump to meet with American troops stationed at Al Asad Air Base.

For the visit, which was unscheduled, Melania broke first lady precedent by traveling to an active combat zone. To take selfies with soldiers and speak military members, FLOTUS wore a suede mustard belted blouse with dark green pants.

It’s Melania’s shoe choice that really stood out though. The Timberland boots are being called an “out of touch” style selection by some on Twitter.

Seriously, people have issues with everything, as we all know. But major media outlets watching people be Upset and Outraged by Melania wearing Timberland boots and writing actual articles is the height of idiocy. This semi-literate tweet explains the Upsetness

Apparently, only black people are allowed to rock some Timbs. And the media is there to attempt to create a Narrative of raaaaacism.

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10 Responses to “Trump Visits Iraq, Media Find Ways To Complain, Including Over Melania’s Shoes”

  1. Mangoldielocks says:

    The main stream media is dead. The message needs to get out to the masses. Unfortunately about 1/2 of this country doesn’t care about politics. They just show up and pull that R or D handle and brag they voted.

    Was watching a report about California voting. The people in LA voted overwhelmingly to raise their property taxes 18 percent by approving 3 of 4 bond issues. Yet when asked what the measures on the ballot were about they had no idea. Money for a childrens hospital sounds great. Till they learned it raised their property taxes by 8 percent per year. The 1048 responders overwhelmingly were pissed.

    Well educate yourselves or be taken to the cleaner by a runaway government. Same with the PRESS. Educate yourselves because almost NOTHING it says anymore can be accepted as unbiased fact.

    The MSM is DEAD. Long live PROPAGANDA and since it overwhelmingly favors the left who is the Facists/Nazis in this country?

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    I like watching a guy who is center left liberal. But he is very grounded and very open minded. He defends the right all the time when they are trashed with lies. He also bashes them when they LIE. So refreshing to listen to this guy. He was saying and I believe it to be true that the reason the big Newspapers. Washington times, NYT, LA Times etc. have all become liberal propaganda spewing hit pieces on Trump and the right is because they DWELL in LARGE URBAN CITES which are overwhelmingly LIBERAL bastions. As a result they are simply click baiting or encouraging people to subscribe with outrageous articles filled with lies, mistruths and downright hit pieces.

    The German magazine Der Spiegel revealed Wednesday that one of its top award-winning journalists fabricated many of his articles, inventing characters, sources, and their quotes …

    Lest you not believe me:

    2018-12-20 · German Reporter At Der Spiegel Fired For Fabricating Stories ‘On A Grand Scale’ Claas Relotius, named Journalist of the Year in 2014, admitted to inventing parts of articles in German ..
    I changed the link so the filter doesn’t eat my post.

    He came to the USA and made up sources and stories about how horrid Donald Trump is. He even invented a colony in Minnesota that was ready to break away from the USA and start a civil war. I mean seriously. And it ran front page news poisioning the minds of Germans in Germany against Republicans and President Trump.

    2017-06-26 · Three CNN journalists, including the executive editor in charge of a new investigative unit, have resigned after the publication of a Russia-related article that was retracted.

    2017-03-03 · A former reporter who was fired for fabricating sources was arrested Friday and accused of making some of the bomb threats against Jewish institutions that

    Those accused previously have included Stephen Glass, who was fired from the New Republic magazine, Jayson Blair, fired from the New York Times, and Janet Cooke, a Washington Post reporter

    A NBC station reporter was fired for wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat while covering a Trump rally in Rochester, Minnesota. A television reporter in southern Minnesota might need a new …

    The list is endless. MADE UP STORIES, POLITICALLY INSENSITIVE such as wearing a MAGA hat. The Bias and lies flow daily from the liberal, Globalist press around the world. Sometimes it gets so bad they have to fire people but overall its a cesspool like Washington D.C and Brussels head of the EU.

    LIES, LIES and more lies. Daily. The truth does not exist in the press any longer. We are being spoon fed leftist propaganda with a does of righty propaganda thrown in occasionally and by that I mean when you weight the scale it is 90 percent liberal left dogma and 10 percent conservative dogma. Neither side is immune but certainly a leftist world being infiltrated by leftists communists and socialists along with the rest of western cultures enemies makes for a press that can no longer be trusted to bring you unbiased news.

  3. Dana says:

    It was totally raaaaacist to mock the previous First Lady’s choice of boots in a recent appearance, but making fun of the current First Lady for wearing appropriate footwear for the situation, hey, that’s perfectly fine.

    A lot of people made fun of Michelle Obama’s sartorial choices recently, something which I declined to do, but, to put it very bluntly, Mrs Obama is simply not very attractive, and does not wear clothes well. Mrs Trump, on the other hand, is stunningly beautiful, has retained her model’s figure, and makes anything she wears look fabulous. She’s a model, and that’s what models do. Melania Trump in anything, dressed as down as can be, will always look better than Mrs Obama — or any other former First Lady — regardless of how well or high-fashioned they are dressed.

  4. Kye says:

    There is nothing wrong with Melania’s boots. They were fine for the occasion. Not that it would matter to the blind media.

    OTOH, those “thigh high” gold glitter hooker boots Michele wore the other day looked like they were designed by a blind, gay crippled Italian designer of low IQ and zero fashion training. Also, black people do not look good in yellow so I wish they would stop trying.

  5. Professor Hale says:

    Al Assad Airbase is a dirty/gravel covered terrain. This time of year, may even have mud in many places. Wearing boots of any sort is a good call. I suspect that the Timberland brand is not normally in Melania’s closet, but was provided to her at the last minute from either the local PX or someone’s personal kit. The PX at Al Assad (as well as the other bases in Iraq, do not carry a large selection of brands or sizes. Most Americans there plan ahead and bring with them everything they need. Timberland is a brand carried by the PX.

    • Tsquared says:


      I have been at Al Assad quite a few times. Other footwear can be worn but it is best to have a thick soled boot to walk on the gravel.

      Those that are criticizing her choice in footwear are also the ones that criticize everything about our classy first lady.

  6. formwiz says:

    What are you supposed to wear in a combat zone?

    PS If she’d worn Corcorans, the media would’ve screamed even louder.

    If they’d known what they were.

    • Professor Hale says:

      Oddly enough, Iraq is a country, not just a combat zone. Millions of people live there all the time. Mostly they wear sandals. Foreign civilians wear all sorts of footwear from construction (work) boots, military boots, hiking boots, and even (gasp) polished black loafers. There are even venues where one might wear shoes with spiked heels. My last trip, I wore Merril brand (from REI) hiking shoes. You need a good solid sole on American bases because of all the gravel.

    • Sabre22 says:

      Not to mention the fact that she would showing disrespect (in their feeble minds anyway) to the military bey wearing military boots. Walking on uneven terrain in with unknown weather conditions are not the time to be wearing heels. What a goofus thing to complain about.

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