Democrats Promise “Dawn Of New Era” On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Do they understand that this will be a mostly wasted effort? That they’ll have lots of speeches and votes and such and then the legislation will die in the Senate?

Democrat led U.S. House to take on climate change says Markey

A Democratic majority in the U.S. House in January will mark the “dawn of a new era” in fighting climate change, according to U.S. Sen. Ed Markey.

Markey held a morning meeting Monday at his Boston office with representatives of more than 20 environmental groups to discuss priorities for the new Congress. Addressing reporters afterwards, he outlined an agenda that includes items that have yet to become law at the state level: a transition to 100 percent clean energy, and a carbon-pricing system.

Along with achieving 100 percent clean energy within the next 20 years and laying down markets for putting a price on carbon, Markey’s climate action priorities include promoting energy efficiency, halting fossil fuel exports, and ushering in offshore wind, which he described as the next frontier in clean energy.

Markey, a Malden Democrat, is set to serve in a Senate that remains under Republican control, while this year’s midterm elections ushered in a new Democratic majority in the House. The flip in House control means the dynamic is now different in Washington, Markey said.

“A green agenda can come out of the House of Representatives that then empowers the senators who care about these issues, including Republicans, because it will no longer be a bottled up agenda,” he said. “This agenda is now about to become real. It’s about to become alive.”

First, if Markey remembers, it was primarily Democrats from his state, Massachusetts, who blocked the Cape Wind project for well over a decade. Second, and more importantly, nothing Markey proposes will make it out of committee for a vote. When the people get a vote, they turn down any type of carbon taxing scheme. Halting the exportation of a fully legal commodity? Expect massive lawsuits if that passed, which it won’t. It won’t even get a vote, unless Mitch McConnell wants to embarrass Democrats and show them for the big government wankers they are.

100% clean energy in 20 years? Not unless someone creates something new. If offshore windfarms are so great, why aren’t Cult of Climastrology towns and states, such as California, slapping them up all over?

“We are going to save all of creation by engaging in massive job creation,” he said.

Say, has Mr. Markey stopped using fossil fuels himself?

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4 Responses to “Democrats Promise “Dawn Of New Era” On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Perhaps the Distinguished Gentleman from Massachusetts hasn’t heard of the gilets jaunes protests in France, protests which threaten to topple President Emmanuel Macron’s government, spurred on by Monsieur Macron’s imposition of hefty fuel taxes to combat global warming climate change. It seems that people are all for action to halt global warming climate change, right up until the point where they have to pay for it. If it costs them money, then not so much.

    Of course, the politicians will then try to hide the costs, levying them not against the people, but those wicked ol’ corporations, don’t you know, as though those corporations won’t pass those higher costs along to consumers, because politicians think that the people are just plain stupid.

    Well, the Democrats just won a majority in the House of Representatives, so there’s at least some justification for them thinking that the people are stupid.

    Halting the exportation of a fully legal commodity?

    The United States is a net exporter of refined oil products, and a significant net exporter of coal. It seems that the Distinguished Gentleman would like to not only add significant costs to every American family, for no appreciable or measurable gain, but would like to cut back on American industrial jobs, all for some pie-in-the-sky which may or may not reduce global temperature increases in the 22nd century.

    Yeah, if the Democrats think that people will fall for that, they really do think that people are stupid.

  2. Kye says:

    Dana, the democrats rely on people being stupid just to exist. And each election proves the democrats right.

    I have come to the conclusion this whole climate change farce and fiasco is no more than a smoke screen so American democrat/communists can advance the other nefarious plots and programs like gun control for law abiding citizens, putting our health care in the hands of government agents, increasing taxes, limiting the free speech of conservatives through law suits,boycotts,and de-platforming, removing the last vestiges of morality from schools, advancing the idea that males can “become” females and vice versa, and assorted perverted and un-American nonsense. Yapping about climate change is just another way the left takes the people’s eye off the ball while they systematically install socialism/communism on us. That’s way being a conservative any more is ridiculous. They can’t even conserve the ideal that males are males and females are females let along conserve the Constitution, the Culture or this Republic.

  3. formwiz says:

    Ed Maakey is one of the dumbest Democrats in Congress (although that doesn’t say much).

    He does what his owners tell him.

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