NY Times: Say, Would Human Extinction Be Such A Bad Thing Or Something

Why, yes, this is all about ‘climate change’ and extreme environmentalism. Consider that this is being discussed via the very modern trappings that they want to wipe us out over. This opinion piece is by Todd May, a professor of philosophy at Clemson University and a philosophical adviser for the television show, “The Good Place” (I had to look that up to see what it was)

Would Human Extinction Be a Tragedy?

There are stirrings of discussion these days in philosophical circles about the prospect of human extinction. This should not be surprising, given the increasingly threatening predations of climate change. In reflecting on this question, I want to suggest an answer to a single question, one that hardly covers the whole philosophical territory but is an important aspect of it. Would human extinction be a tragedy?

To get a bead on this question, let me distinguish it from a couple of other related questions. I’m not asking whether the experience of humans coming to an end would be a bad thing. (In these pages, Samuel Scheffler has given us an important reason to think that it would be.) I am also not asking whether human beings as a species deserve to die out. That is an important question, but would involve different considerations. Those questions, and others like them, need to be addressed if we are to come to a full moral assessment of the prospect of our demise. Yet what I am asking here is simply whether it would be a tragedy if the planet no longer contained human beings. And the answer I am going to give might seem puzzling at first. I want to suggest, at least tentatively, both that it would be a tragedy and that it might just be a good thing.

To make that claim less puzzling, let me say a word about tragedy. In theater, the tragic character is often someone who commits a wrong, usually a significant one, but with whom we feel sympathy in their descent. Here Sophocles’s Oedipus, Shakespeare’s Lear, and Arthur Miller’s Willy Loman might stand as examples. In this case, the tragic character is humanity. It is humanity that is committing a wrong, a wrong whose elimination would likely require the elimination of the species, but with whom we might be sympathetic nonetheless for reasons I discuss in a moment.

To make that case, let me start with a claim that I think will be at once depressing and, upon reflection, uncontroversial. Human beings are destroying large parts of the inhabitable earth and causing unimaginable suffering to many of the animals that inhabit it. This is happening through at least three means. First, human contribution to climate change is devastating ecosystems, as the recent article on Yellowstone Park in The Times exemplifies. Second, increasing human population is encroaching on ecosystems that would otherwise be intact. Third, factory farming fosters the creation of millions upon millions of animals for whom it offers nothing but suffering and misery before slaughtering them in often barbaric ways. There is no reason to think that those practices are going to diminish any time soon. Quite the opposite.

He continues on in this vein, laying out a case that it might not be so bad for humanity to go extinct. Because these people are nuts. When studies talk about ‘climate change’ making people crazy, depressed, wackadoodle, etc, these are the very people being discussed, who have internalized the doom and gloom being pushed by the Cult of Climastrology elites. It’s a vicious circle, but, that’s the way cults work.

This is not the first time a Cultist discusses human extinction in a positive light, nor will it be the last. All over a tiny increase in the global temperature average, something which is utterly normal.

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7 Responses to “NY Times: Say, Would Human Extinction Be Such A Bad Thing Or Something”

  1. Anonymous White Male says:

    Great! Humans need to be exterminated. So STFU about climate change. It’s just doing the job you douchebags want to do yourself. Be grateful.

  2. ontoiran says:

    well, everyone who’s worried about climate change could kill themselves and do mother gaia a solid

  3. Kye says:

    I agree with ontoiran.

  4. Professor Hale says:

    Personally, I’m against human extinction… unless, like climate change, it happens long after I expect I and my kids and grand kids will be dead.

  5. formwiz says:

    Let’s start with the Lefties and I’m sure the problem will fix itself.

  6. Well, here’s the thing, folks: we’re all already dead from the tax cuts, ending of Obamas’ Net Neutrality, and other stuff, so, we’re really just ghosts clinging to the trappings of life.

  7. Jl says:

    How about a NYT extinction?

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