Nations Agree To Report Their (Non) Progress To “Historic” Paris Climate Agreement

No matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it’s still a pig

Nations Agree On Rules To Put Paris Climate Agreement Into Action

Nearly 200 countries have agreed on a set of rules to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, a crucial step in implementing the landmark 2015 Paris climate agreement.

The rules describe in detail how countries will track their emissions and communicate with each other about their progress in the coming years and decades. But it stops short of committing them to the more ambitious emissions reductions necessary to slow climate change.

The meeting in the heart of Poland’s coal country unfolded in the shadow of a stark scientific reality about the threat posed by rising temperatures and in the midst of global political upheaval. In the months leading up to the meeting, a series of reports from the world’s scientists showed that global emissions are not just continuing to rise, but that nations are not on track to limit the rise of global temperatures enough to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change. (snip)

One of the most fundamental parts of the so-called rule book negotiated at the talks is a section on transparency, which governs what information governments must disclose to each other about their greenhouse gas emissions. Not all countries agreed going into the talks about how much information they should be required to share about their progress — and as a result, the inner workings of their economies.

The final rules set a timeline for countries to update each other, and includes highly technical guidelines for what types of information they must provide, such as sources of emissions and explanations of their internal analyses.

Let’s put that in clear language: it does virtually nothing to implement the Paris climate agreement, it simply obligates nations to say “here’s what we haven’t done in reducing our carbon emissions.” It doesn’t actually obligate nations to honor their commitments to (destroy their economies) follow through on those reduction. Nor will they. They haven’t done so so far. There were less than a handful of countries that hit their Kyoto Protocol targets. Most were not even close.

But the talks also left many issues unresolved, including whether countries will commit to transitioning even more quickly to clean energy sources, and how much richer countries will help poorer countries pay for that transition.

Which upset the moocher countries, who want that sweet, sweet redistributed climate cash, which allows them to line the pockets of the elites, build more airports, get more fossil fueled vehicles, and not be beholden to the countries giving them the money.

The Malaysian delegation called for more money to flow from countries like the U.S. — the world’s largest economy and the second largest polluter — to help pay for damage caused by climate change, saying, “We owe this to the poor and vulnerable who are paying sometimes with their lives in our part of the world.”

See? When 1st World nations would give nations assistance, they expected something in return. Now turned it into something where nations feel they are owed this cash, with no beholding.

(Reuters) Nearly 200 countries overcame political divisions late on Saturday to agree on rules for implementing a landmark global climate deal, but critics say it is not ambitious enough to prevent the dangerous effects of global warming.

Just imagine how much carbon pollution could have been avoided if 15,000+ people hadn’t taken long fossil fueled trips to a meeting which complains about fossil fuels.

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2 Responses to “Nations Agree To Report Their (Non) Progress To “Historic” Paris Climate Agreement”

  1. Dana says:

    The sad fact is that only Donald Trump told the truth about this stuff: he said that the US would not agree to emissions standards which wouldn’t be met anyway. All of the other countries strutted and preened and set low-ball emissions standards, and almost none of them will meet those standards.

    I’m trying to think of one good reason for these international conferences, and the only one that comes to mind is that their diplomats and staff get to take a cushy trip overseas and party. After all, nothing else really gets done.

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    Their is a strong chance the US will go into recession in 2019. Of course it will be Trumps fault and in this particular case it might well be.

    1. Trump started the ball rolling on nationalism around the world.
    2. EU is going up in flames as more and more nations jump on the nationalism bandwagon and throw off the heavy shackles of Globalism.
    3. The world has become increasingly GLOBALIST so when trump began with the nationalist, isolationist policies it greatly hindered the Globalist movement.
    4. Now that nation after nation are suffering slowdowns economically thanks to their own political strife and their inability to deal with insanely stupid immigration the fact that the elites have tied every one together means a recession in the China is a recession for all.
    5. China’s growth has been highly exaggerated and lied about and as a result they are slowing down dramatically. In fact Apple is being pounded by the tariffs and the china slowdown as one of the evilest of corporations uses 2 dollar per hour sweathouse labor but then preaches to the world how we should all be these perfect Hollywood citizens.

    6. Google and Amazon two more Globalist Behemouths along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are facing slow downs in revenue growth because they are basically DATA MINERS for the world. EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS OWNED BY THEM. Amazon is now putting mom and pops out of business at a dizzying pace. Walmart used to be the bad guy but at least the mom and pops they put out of business in town x then hire a whole bunch of people from town x offsetting their bad deeds.

    7. And the coup de gra of the whole world recession is Wall Street is cynically cashing in on the dizzying run up when everyone knew that it was unsustainable. Already we have had a 10 percent pull back in stocks with more to come. I predict another 10-15 percent as the Billionaires once again pull their money from the markets making egregious sums of cash and forcing people like Zuckerberg to Buy back another 9 billion worth of stock to prop up his dying company.

    Globalism ties us all together. The EU is on the verge. On banking crisis might see an entire planet plunge into another Great Recession while Europe itself might well see a depression as each member nation breaks away and tries to recover from their own self inflicted Economic woes.

    All of this of course will be Trumps fault and you will be right in believing that. I am a full Trump supporter but what Trump did was point out this huge FLAW in globalism SOONER RATHER THAN MUCH LATER when its demise would bring us all into Depression that pales in comparison to 1930’s.

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