NY Mag: Almost Everyone Is In Denial Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Why? David Wallace-Wells, who forgets to tell us anything about giving up fossil fuels and going carbon neutral in his own life (I’ve asked him on Twitter, and fully expect to be blocked), explains

You, Too, Are in Denial of Climate Change

You, too, are in denial.

We all are, nearly every single one of us as individuals, even those of us who are following the bad news that suggests “the climate change problem is starting to look too big to solve”; every nation, almost none of them meeting their climate commitments, and most (not just the United States) publicly downplaying the threat; and even many of the alliances and organizations, like the IPCC, endeavoring to solve the crisis. At the moment, negotiations at the organization’s COP24 conference, meant to formalize the commitments made in the Paris accords two years ago, are “a huge mess,” perhaps poised to collapse. Last month, scientists warned that we had only about 12 years to cut global emissions in half and that doing so would require a worldwide mobilization on the scale of that for World War II. The U.N. secretary general has warned that we have only about a year to get started. Instead, on Election Day, voters in deep-blue Washington rejected a modest carbon tax and those in crunchy Colorado rejected a slowdown of oil and gas projects. In France — conservative America’s cartoon of unchecked left-wing-ism — the worst protests in 50 years were provoked by a proposal to increase the gasoline tax. If communities like these won’t take action on climate, who, in the next dozen years, will?

But perhaps it should not be surprising that, even in many of the world’s most progressive places, even in the moment of acknowledged environmental crisis, a sort of climate NIMBYism prevails. The cost of inaction is sort of unthinkable — annual deadly heat waves and widespread famine, tens of millions of climate refugees, global coastal flooding, and disasters that will cost double the world’s present-day wealth. And so we choose, most of the time, not to think about it. This is denial, too, whatever you check on a survey about whether you “believe” the climate is changing.

He is sorta correct: lots of people like him Believe, but refuse to do anything in their own lives. They always want Someone Else to bear the burden for their beliefs. These are called “hypocrites.”

Another is that even those of us who believe in warming, and believe it is a problem, do not believe enough in it. The flat-Earth equivalents, those 14 percent, are simply not a large-enough constituency to matter — when not being elevated so dramatically by fossil-fuel money, like puppets buoyed up by oil fumes. But the rest of us are only moderately worried, perhaps in part because we imagine the worst impacts of climate change will hit elsewhere. Forty-one percent of Americans believe climate change “will harm me personally” — actually quite a high number, in absolute terms, but considerably lower than the 62 percent who believe it will harm those in the developing world or the 70 percent who believe it will harm future generations. But thinking climate change will only hit elsewhere, or only in the future, pummeling others but sparing you — these are delusions, too, ones powered by many of the same coping mechanisms that give rise to outright denialism.

There really is a simple explanation: most in the middle and lower classes who say they care, even care a lot, do not care enough to ruin their own lives for what is essentially an elitist issue, one for which we see those elites never making substantive changes in their own lives. The old Instapundit saying of “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when those who tell me it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis (in their own lives)” applies perfectly. These same people will not give up their own use of fossil fuels, won’t give up meat, won’t stop flying to see Grandma for Christmas, won’t stop taking fossil fueled trips for vacation, won’t spend $10,000+ to put solar panels on their homes, won’t buy a $125K electric car, won’t stop using AC, and won’t agree to be taxed out the ying yang, among others.

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One Response to “NY Mag: Almost Everyone Is In Denial Of ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. StillAlive says:

    One of the huge proponents of climate change gave a scathing report against his own religion when he testified in congress about 5 years ago that their was no evidence weather was harsher or worse than it was prior. It certainly appears worse because every storm is hyped out of the world by the press who tries to convince us this is a once in a 500 year storm, if the wind blows, the snow comes, it rains or it doesn’t. Its all the end of the world.

    In reality, even Michael Mann said their was no warming. Climate gate Emails suggested all of the major players in the AGW money grab were in agreement they couldn’t explain the PAUSE. The POPE jumped on the AGW bandwagon to get 2/3rds of the world on his side against his perverted priests. He doesn’t believe or care about climate change, it was only a great way to make the enemy of the catholic church no longer their protagonists but rather allies.

    The same way the left loses its mind over a GOP sex offender but hides, denies and ignores their own closet full of dirty old men or as in Kamala Harris, I didnt know my main advisor was a wife beater.

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