Democrats Demand ‘Climate Change’ Measures To Pass Infrastructure Bill

Democrats have been demanding infrastructure spending for years. Because their 2009 $800 billion Stimulus bill didn’t really help much. But, they have Demands

Any Trump infrastructure deal must tackle climate change, Democrats warn

Democrats will only support an infrastructure deal with Donald Trump if it includes measures to combat climate change, the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer, has warned.

In an op-ed in the Washington Post and a letter to Trump, the New York Democrat said that his party “will have an extraordinary opportunity to force action on climate change” after taking control of the House of Representatives in the recent midterm elections.

Infrastructure has been viewed as one area – perhaps the only area – where Trump and Democrats could strike a deal to advance significant legislation. Trump is mounting another push for a $1bn package to upgrade roads, bridges and railways across the country.

However, Trump has repeatedly and controversially expressed skepticism about climate change, including calling it a hoax.

Schumer said that for Democrats to get behind an infrastructure package, it must include money and policy changes to promote renewable energy, and harden US infrastructure against damage from climate change.

“For too long, Congress has failed to act in a meaningful way to combat the threat posed by climate change,” he wrote in the op-ed. “Powerful special interests have a stranglehold on many of my Republican colleagues; some GOP legislators even refuse to acknowledge that climate change is happening.”

These are the same people how refused to Do Something when they had a complete lock on the Senate, House, and White House in 2009 and 2010. And are now demanding a “clean bill” for Dreamers, with no funding for border and interior enforcement, nor for the wall.

Schumer, in his letter to Trump, said an infrastructure package should include tax incentives for production of clean electricity, energy-efficient homes and office buildings, and electric vehicles.

Most of these things end up as boondogles or as ways to help out rich people, who are the ones who purchase electric vehicles.

If it does not include at least some of the climate proposals, the minority leader said Trump’s infrastructure bill “should not count on Democratic support in the Senate”.

So Democrats would refuse to deal with the nation’s infrastructure because of their cultish man-caused climate change beliefs? Tone deaf.

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