If All You See…

…is a horrible evil leather jacket from horrible evil cows, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Sonoran Conservative, with a post on the dumbest tweet of the day.

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6 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. I can’t , I musten’t …..Well if she INSISTS !!!!

  2. I can’t , I mustn’t …..Well if she INSISTS !!!!

  3. Mangoldielocks says:

    So salad to chew on:

    The democrats now that they have deceived their voters to get elected declare they have no intention of impeaching Trump.


    It would piss off their corporatist donors who are greatly benefiting from tax cuts and of course they never intended to GET RID OF ICE or Impeach Trump and now:

    HRC declares that Europe must get a handle on their immigration because it is what is causing all their problems…Im paraphrasing here. She is a CORPORATIST.

    Why is HRC still in the news? Her Foundation is drying up. She is desperately trying to keep that lavish lifestyle in full swing which calls into question the foundations mission to start with.

    In other news. K. Harris might be removed from the judiciary if the GOP reduces the size of the committee since she is the most junior member. ONce a senior figure is willing to step aside McConnel will simply reduce it again. The idea is to stop making the committee a grandstand for Democratic hopefuls. Sure its political, but its a quaint idea since the judiciary is so important in everything it does it receives most of the attention.

    Across the pond. Angela Merkel is stepping down because of her immigration policy. Mrs. May in Britain will soon get the boot being replaced by a full blown socialist which will be disasterous for the British people and Brexit. Macron is on the way out with a 25 percent approval rating. A full blown socialist is set to take his place. Which of course in a nation reeling from tax increases and reduced wages due to the influx of immigrants, guess what is first on his list? HIGHER TAXES.

    Nationalism is surging all across Europe meanwhile back in the US the Democrats who used to believe in UNIONS and the WORKER are aghast HRC would say such a thing and secondly are fully in support of millions of legal and illegal immigrants flooding our border.

    The Democrats will never be happy until we go full blown socialist and find out for themselves what a fricken disaster that will do to their lives. The rich will always be rich, but the middle class will cease and the working man will be reduced to ashes.

    Thus ends your wonderful news report for this month. Enjoy and resist the lunacy of the left.

    • formwiz says:

      Dude, they deceived nobody.

      They just manufactured enough fraudulent votes to push through a slim (10 seat) majority.

      Now, if Trump’s investigations show vote fraud (like in the cases in TX and FL that have already seen arrests), a lot of those Demos don’t get seated.

      It’s going to be fun.

      • StillAlive says:

        They certainly did deceive their own voters. The Democrats ran on a platform of fixing obamacare, eliminating ICE and impeaching trump. As of a couple days ago they are seriously backing off impeaching trump and eliminating ICE. That was false language used to get elected.

        Secondly did you know their are two dozen sealed indictments right now by Mueller. The hammer is about to fall and given enough leeway I think they have Trump by the balls. He’s been waiting for Trump to respond and then the hammers going to fall. Mueller’s been waiting for the midterms where everyone expected the Democrats to take over the house so they could impeach Trump.

        Mueller is a globalist personal friend of the Bush’s. That is why the Democrats agreed to him. The Bush’s hate Trump and the never trumpers want this guy so badly. With a Democratic house Mueller will be vindicated and protected when he drops the hammer.

        Good luck America.

  4. MrDeLaGarzenzo says:

    Fun fact as Obama cruises your nation telling everyone all the districts should be gerrymandered to more fully represent democrats instead of republicans. LOLOL.

    As the Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman reported this week, Democratic U.S. House candidates received 53 percent of the total midterm popular vote. So if you follow President Obama’s thinking, this should entitle Democrats to 231 House seats, while giving Republicans 204.
    As of Tuesday night, Fox News pegs the new House as having 233 Democrats to 199 Republicans, with three seats undecided – all currently held by Republicans. So right now Democrats are holding slightly more seats than their share of the popular vote and will continue doing so even if Republicans win the three seats yet to be decided.

    Isn’t it funny how things tend to work out in your country. America is like a pendulum. When Obama went off his rocker left, the voters swung the house and senate right. When Trump was elected America was mad. In 2018 with the country swinging to the right, they put the left in charge of the house.

    The founding fathers and the constitution. An amazing piece of work. So Amazing that dozens of countries around the world have their own version of it in place to govern their own people including Mexico.

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