“Migrants” Defy Trump At Border Or Something

You can’t really call them illegal aliens yet, as they haven’t snuck across the border unlawfully yet. And they can “defy” all they want, but they’re still stuck in Mexico

Migrants defy Trump at Mexico border as US forces flex muscle

Hundreds of Central American migrants staged a boisterous demonstration on the US Mexico border Thursday, screaming for President Donald Trump to let them in as US soldiers and riot police put on a menacing show of force.

The increased tension over the presence of a thousands-strong migrant caravan came as Trump marked Thanksgiving Day by threatening to close the border if he thinks Mexico has lost control of it.

Vehicle and pedestrian traffic at the busy San Ysidro crossing came to a halt for 40 minutes as dozens of US police wearing helmets and holding rifles formed a line facing the Mexican side of the frontier. Separately, riot police rehearsed deployment movements. US Customs and Border Protection called all of this a “large-scale readiness exercise.”

American soldiers in khaki-colored uniforms set off rockets that exploded with a pungent-smelling white smoke. Helicopters hovered overhead. (snip)

At almost the same time as the police and troop exercise, at another nearby border crossing called El Chaparral, Central American migrants from the caravan emptying into Tijuana defied the president with a loud rally.

“Open the gates, Trump! We are not looking for war, but work,” shouted Alberto Ruiz, a 22-year-old Honduran.

Defied him! ZOMG! How is this defying him? I guess you could say they are challenging him, but, only with words. But they’re still stuck in Mexico. The very same Mexico which offered them asylum, which they refused. Which means this is all a stunt. And they reportedly won’t be let in the U.S. prior to their asylum claims being processes

Central Americans who arrive at U.S. border crossings seeking asylum in the United States will have to wait in Mexico while their claims are processed under sweeping new measures the Trump administration is preparing to implement, according to internal planning documents and three Department of Homeland Security officials familiar with the initiative.

According to DHS memos obtained by The Washington Post on Wednesday, Central American asylum seekers who cannot establish a “reasonable fear” of persecution in Mexico will not be allowed to enter the United States and would be turned around at the border.

The plan, called “Remain in Mexico,” amounts to a major break with current screening procedures, which generally allow those who establish a fear of return to their home countries to avoid immediate deportation and remain in the United States until they can get a hearing with an immigration judge. Trump despises this system, which he calls “catch and release,” and has vowed to end it.

Of course, you know some judge will nix this plan. At which point the illegal aliens should be released in that judge’s town and told to stay there till their court date. For which most will fail to appear. We don’t really need a wall, we need to establish the conditions that would keep most from attempting to come to the U.S. illegally or forcing their way in, along with those who overstay their visas. Stop giving them aid and comfort, stop catch and release, stop allowing them to use their kids as anchors, and so forth.

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2 Responses to ““Migrants” Defy Trump At Border Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host wrote:

    Of course, you know some judge will nix this plan. At which point the illegal aliens should be released in that judge’s town and told to stay there till their court date.

    No, the Trump Administration should defy any such order, and ask for immediate Supreme Court intervention, to quash any such order.

  2. Sabre22 says:

    It is time to deploy combat loaded line troops at the border. NO MORE PLAYING AROUND. Line units Infantry field artillery and armor all combat loaded. all vehicles with Visible machine guns visible will have ammunition loaded and ready all line infantry should have magazines loaded and be ready to fire. Bayonets will be issued and fixed to the weapons ready for use. They rush the border put a burst of M-2 over their heads and the next one into the invaders.

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