Woman Who Accused Man Of Sexual Assault With Zero Proof Nominated For “Distinguished Alumni” Award

This makes about as much sense as Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

(WRAL) Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has been nominated for a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Distinguished Alumna and Alumnus award. (snip)

Ford was a psychology major at UNC and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1988.

A nomination letter writes that the nomination shouldn’t be seen as partisan.

“There may be people reading this nomination letter who will take issue with Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony or who may see this letter as an example of partisan politics,” the letter states. “But this letter nominating Dr. Blasey Ford is not about partisan politics: it is about recognizing that the simple act of speaking one’s truth, especially when that truth involves sexual assault, is an act of bravery.”

Criteria for the award is an alumnus or alumna who “has made an outstanding contribution to humanity in any walk of life,” according to the UNC Office of Faculty Governance.” Up to five awards may be presented annually.

Let’s see, her contribution to humanity in any walk of life was accusing a man of sexually assaulting her sometime 35+ years ago while providing zero evidence nor any corroborating witnesses. In fact, everyone she says was there state that they weren’t. The accusation was entirely unsubstantiated. She made the lives of Kavanaugh and his family a living hell while attempting to destroy his career for what was a political purpose.

She was just speaking her own truth, though! No one else’s truth, just her own. This being UNC, she’ll probably get the award.

There’s nothing brave about false accusations.

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