UN Climastrology Report Puts Pressure On Government To Act Or Something

The notion that we need to Do Something and government must lead is a constant meme around this time of the year. Someone releases a big report a couple months before the yearly Conference on the Parties, where 10,000 or so members of the Cult of Climastrology take fossil fueled trips to a great vacation spot to tell Other People they need to stop using fossil fuels at the barrel of government force. Each year, though, the call for government force gets stronger and stronger

UN climate change report puts pressure on governments to act

Global warming could reach a tipping point in just 12 years if the world doesn’t take dramatic steps to reduce the amount of man-made carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, according to a new report that is putting pressure on states to act.

The United Nations’ panel on climate change issued a gloomy report Monday warning that carbon dioxide emissions need to be cut by nearly half of 2010 levels by 2030 to stave off the worst effects of climate change. The panel said turning the tide will require immediate, draconian cuts in emissions of heat-trapping gases and dramatic changes in the energy field.

“Time is running out,” said Jack Clarke, director of public policy at the Massachusetts Audubon Society. “There needs to be a radical approach by governments around the world.” (snip)

But Clarke said the U.N. report shows the state needs to up its game by adopting even more aggressive goals to reduce emissions from power generators, homes and vehicles.

“A decade ago those reduction goals seemed like a reasonable approach,” he said. “But things have gotten a lot worse since then, in terms of where the planet is headed.”

It’s all about scaring people about a future calamity in order to get them to give up their freedom and/or have government force them to give up their freedom, along with implementing carbon taxes/fees, which will artificially increase citizen’s cost of living dramatically.

It never seems to be about “we believe in this and we’ll change our own lives to match our talking points.”

And in 12 years they’ll still be saying we have just 12 years to stop this.

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2 Responses to “UN Climastrology Report Puts Pressure On Government To Act Or Something”

  1. Professor hale says:

    Until the people pushing for this give up their own use of fuels, food , and electricity, there is no reason to take them seriously. Also, they shouldn’t have children. Just like anyone who advocates for higher taxes shouldn’t be taken seriously until they personally donate higher taxes from their own wealth.

  2. JGlanton says:

    Flipping back and forth between CNN/FOX hurricane coverage. CNN is big on sowing seeds of discontent well before landfall. Did officials give ample warning? Lots of people thought it was a Cat 2, and it is a Cat 4, why weren’t they told?

    CNN big on putting reporters out in the rain in red CNN jackets, often in meaningless places wherever they can stop and make a story out of something trivial. I’ve counted 6 in the last 20 minutes. It could be a Dr. Seuss story “On a beach… by a car… by a boat… by a house… by a tree… on a road…”

    Both going hard on “strongest storm in a century to hit Panhandle”.

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