Washington Post: Liberals Need To Stay Angry After Kavanaugh Confirmation

Democrat voters are already angry. This seems to be their standard position. But, their anger has been turning violent since around the time of the Seattle WTO riot, especially as Democratic Party politicians rarely ever call them out on it. This piece by E.J. Dionne doesn’t help

We need to stay angry about Kavanaugh

The Supreme Court’s legitimacy is in tatters. Conservative forces in the country, led by the Republican Party, have completed a judicial coup, decades in the making.

Republicans rushed through Brett M. Kavanaugh’s confirmation to avoid the possible consequences of an election. They aborted a full investigation because they feared what it might find. They made themselves complicit in a presidential attack on Christine Blasey Ford, a brave woman who asked only that her case against Kavanaugh be taken seriously.

After all these outrages, there will be calls for a renewal of civility, as if the problem is that people said nasty things about one other. But the answer to this power grab cannot be passive acceptance in the name of being polite. The causes and consequences of what just happened must be acknowledged frankly.

The conservative struggle for the court began in the 1960s, but it hit its stride in the Bush v. Gore decision after the 2000 election. Five conservative justices violated the principles they claimed to uphold on states’ rights and the use of equal-protection doctrine to stop a recount of votes in Florida requested by Al Gore, the Democratic nominee. They thus made George W. Bush president.

Oh deal Lord, he actually went back to the 2000 election. It just goes to show that Democrats just can’t MoveOn.

The undemocratic nature of representation in the Senate is unlikely to be remedied anytime soon, so progressives and Democrats need to organize far more effectively in the low-population red states. Critics of the judicial right need to remind voters that conservative judges regularly serve the interests of the wealthy and the powerful, not those of the heartland.

And there’s the whine about the stupid flyover country states actually having a voice in the Senate (which was the entire point of the Senate, especially when Senators were appointed by the state legislative branches)

If Democrats take control of the House, they should hold hearings on the administration’s manipulation of the FBI investigation. These could also shed light on the extent to which Kavanaugh misled the Senate.

And there should now be no squeamishness about the urgency of enlarging the Supreme Court if Democrats have the power to do so after the 2020 elections. The current majority on the court was created through illegitimate means. Changing that majority would not constitute politicizing the court because conservatives have already done this without apology.

Everything is illegitimate in Democrat eyes when they do not get their way, that’s the norm. But it is dangerous and beyond irresponsible to publish this in one of the nationals leading newspapers, giving Democrat voters reasons to believe that they’ve been cheated and should take reprisal.

“Court-packing” makes people uncomfortable for good reason. Were it thrust upon the country suddenly by fiat, many Americans would be uneasy, as were even many Democrats in the 1930s with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s court-enlargement plan. That’s why we need a considered two-year debate over changing the number of justices — it was done seven times during the 19th century — as the only plausible response to the conservative court-packing project that reached fruition on Saturday.

Its foes need to stay angry. But even more, they need to vote, organize and think boldly. Democracy itself is at stake.

Got that? A debate over how to give Democrats more votes on the court, because they lost. As Barack Obama said “elections have consequences.” For Democrats, elections mean they should get their way 100% of the time.

The last line, though, is a doozy. That’s Dionne attempting to deflect from the notion of angry people doing angry violent things. He wants to position this as voting, after essentially providing the reasoning for people to get angry and make change in a violent and/or abusive way. It takes little to light the bonfire of liberal rage, as we’ve seen. When bad things start happening more and more, you’ll see that Democrat big wigs not only did little to tamp this tendency down, they emboldened it.

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4 Responses to “Washington Post: Liberals Need To Stay Angry After Kavanaugh Confirmation”

  1. Mangoldielocks says:

    National Populist RIGHT just trounced the left in QUEBEC Canada. They ran on IMMIGRATION and trounced the existing liberals.

    This is happening all over the world. The national populist right is winning election after election because the people are looking around and realizing their country is being destroyed by trash from Africa. I am not calling blacks or muslims trash I am calling the criminal elements within that identity politic body TRASH. They are murdering, raping and rioting in the streets from one end of Europe to the other.

    In America as the nationalist populist movement gains steam, the left is RIOTING in the streets.

    The next two elections will be very key for this country. If the Democrats win they have promised a couple things.

    1. PACK THE SUPREME court with 2 more hyper liberal judges.
    2. Impeach Trump because he is a threat to the federal deep state the left has installed to turn the country hard left.
    3. Impeach Kavanaugh and several other judges which were nominated a passed by congress who has too much power to reject liberal ideology.

    If the dems do all of the above including winning back the white house in 2020 there will be a civil war. Period.

    Liberals will be forced out of Red states. Conservatives forced out of blue states because their is no longer any constitution to prevent such actions. I do not believe it will be a WAR in that a million liberals vs a liberal conservatives on the front lines.

    Even though the blue states have a larger population, the Red states have nukes. The question then becomes does the USA nuke itself? With the uber hateful leaders on both sides? A real possibility.

  2. Jethro says:

    In the 20th and 21st Centuries, a Democratic Senate has confirmed 11 nominees* from Republican Presidents, including Clarence Thomas.

    Over the same time-frame, Republicans have confirmed 0 nominees from Democratic Presidents.

    *Brennan ’57, Whitaker ’57, Stewart ’59, Burger ’69, Blackmun ’70, Powell ’71, Rehnquist ’71, Stevens ’75, Kennedy ’87, Souter ’90, Thomas ’91.

    • dachs_dude says:

      So what. Who cares.

    • Mangoldielocks says:

      Lets look at your statement.

      In 1932 FDR came to power….the dems held power till 1952 when Eisenhower held power for 8 years. Then Kennedy, LBJ, Then Nixon/Ford then Carter, Then Reagan, Bush which started the HATE

      The left lost their collective minds with Reagan and its not stopped since. In that time there has been 2 democratic presidents.

      Your argument is spurious and without merit. It does not fit with the times. Prior to 1980 there was still civility within our government.

      FLASHBACK: Clinton’s Supreme Court Nomination Was Confirmed While He Was Under Investigation

      Barak Obama had once opening and it was delayed less than one year to HRC. Everyone believed that HRC was going to be the next president. No one doubted that at all.

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