Sore Losers: People Who Demanded FBI Investigation Call It A Sham And A Cover Up

Democrats demanded an FBI investigation despite being told that the six previous background investigations showed nothing, and the chances that this one would produce something different, especially as Dr. Ford had zero corroborating evidence, were pretty darned slim. So, when it produced nothing?



The FBI’s weeklong investigation did not find any information that substantiated Ford’s or Ramirez’s claims. Despite that, both Democratic Senators and liberal commentators denounced the investigation as a “sham.”

Worth watching the buildup on calls for an investigation till we get to the sham talk about halfway through

And (not worth watching her screed)

And it was rigged!

And somehow CNN let their derangement go so far as to all this bit of nutbaggery from Frida Ghitis to be published

Kavanaugh FBI probe was a cover-up

The FBI probe apparently did not find any corroborating evidence into allegations of sexual assault against Judge Brett Kavanaugh because it was never meant to do that. It was not a search for the truth. It was a charade meant to appear as a real investigation, with the purpose of giving Republicans a fig leaf to confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court without paying a political price. The final outcome of the vote is uncertain, but given the Friday morning results on a procedural vote, the odds seem to favor confirmation.

The investigation and much of what has gone along with it amount to a cover-up. No serious observer would mistake it for an effort to ascertain what really happened on those occasions when Kavanaugh, according to his accusers, was drunk, aggressive and assaulted them. He has repeatedly denied all the allegations.

It’s all designed to attempt to smear and create doubt on any future Kavanaugh votes on the Supreme Court, because he will be confirmed today. As Mr. Obama stated “elections have consequences.” Perhaps Democrats should have nominated someone other than Hillary, who was despised, ran a poor campaign, and passed out on 9/11 for all to see.

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3 Responses to “Sore Losers: People Who Demanded FBI Investigation Call It A Sham And A Cover Up”

  1. MrToad says:

    Is Maisy talkng about this FBI?

    “At the time, many wondered how investigators managed over the course of one week to read the “hundreds of thousands” of emails residing on the machine, which had been a focus of a sex-crimes investigation of Weiner, a former Congressman.

    Comey later told Congress that “thanks to the wizardry of our technology,” the FBI was able to eliminate the vast majority of messages as “duplicates” of emails they’d previously seen. Tireless agents, he claimed, then worked “night after night after night” to scrutinize the remaining material.”

    Comey blew “The FBI can’t do it that fast” line of reasoning out of the water 2 years ago.

  2. bob says:

    obviously it’s a sham because they didn’t find anymore women who were sexually abused.

  3. Jethro says:

    Kavanaugh is a product of the East Coast, male, wealthy, privileged, elite system that real conservatives formerly shunned. Private schools, Ivy league legacy, affirmative action, ‘feeder’ judge system…

    Since they are ‘entitled’ they can lie and cheat with impunity, as they are ‘destined’ to dominate politics, society, their spouses, economics, and America. How many of them were punished for the near collapse of the world financial system just 11 years ago?

    For all of Donald Trump’s utter lack of class and human decency, he was still reared rich (a millionaire as a toddler!), even went to Penn, and given a $400 million ‘start’ in life as an adult. Turns out he was a daddy’s boy, who lied, cheated and stole with impunity. Still does at 70 something.

    They all claim they made it “on their own” by hard work and clean living, LOL. It was affirmative action, all the way.

    Power is addictive, but you have to be careful to whom you cede your rights, as they may not fully appreciate your sacrifices once they don’t need them anymore.

    Nota bene – The affirmative action system for privileged elites applies to ALL political persuasions, Dem, Repub… all. They system rewards the white and wealthy whether a tRump or a Clinton.

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