Good Grief: More Men Are Wearing Stilettos

This is so Peak 2018 metrosexual pajamaboy gamma male (we’re beyond beta male territory)

Had to include the tweet to show the accompany photo from the article

Han grew up to be a graphic designer, along the way running the femme footwear line Syro with business partner Henry Bae. The Brooklyn-based company sells heels and boots in men’s sizes 5-14. The styles are chic and trendy—plaid, patent, over-the-knee—but not gaudy à la Kinky Boots.

Whether a customer is male, trans, or non-binary, the mission of Syro is to promote femininity and encourage a fluid sense of style.

“We get emails where kids are saying how grateful they are to discover us, which is really heartwarming,” Han said. “They tell us that they’re wearing them to prom, or to a wedding. Those spaces are so gender-confirming so it’s nice to provide them a way to express themselves and challenge norms.”

The article doesn’t get any better after this, in fact, it goes way downhill. Thanks, Progressives. And it’s long, ending with

“People are uncomfortable and unhappily politically, and it makes sense that they want to feed grounded,” Graper mused. “When you’re sky-high in a stiletto, you’re not grounded.”

There are many kinds of heels, but none come close to communicating drama quite like a stiletto can. It’s what’s kept the look in vogue for more than 60 years. Sure, they’re comfortable, but kitten heels will never be as stylish as their taller cousins.

In Graper’s words, “I don’t love when people go for a shorter because it will be easier to walk in. It’s like, shit or get off the pot.”

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7 Responses to “Good Grief: More Men Are Wearing Stilettos”

  1. Rodney Stanton says:

    I think we left Gamma in ‘016. I think we are in Delta getting Close to epsilon. Exhibit 1 flake.

    Exhibit 2 Sasse

    PJ boy was left in the dust in ’15!

    But that God there is a strong anti Gamma Boy – President Don!

  2. Dana says:

    The title is incorrect: while there may be more males wearing stilettos, there are no men doing so.

    • Mike-SMO says:

      At least IT will be easier to stop while IT tries to sneak in with the “little girls”.

      I live in “steel tips” and got pretty good with hip and shoulder blocks.

      “Stay away” from mine. “We” are not part of your problem, although I may be part of yours.

  3. Dana says:

    One wonders if Mr Bodine wears stilettos.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:


    • Jethro says:

      High heels are unhealthy, impractical and plain stupid for men or women.

      But we won’t criticize the lovely Miss Dana Delaney for her style choices. Her selection of a photo of a gorilla for her avatar is a nice touch, though.

      It’s our experience that Con Men and the women they dominate consider bullies and sexual predators such as tRump to be “manly”. But the truth is they are more like insecure little boys – all bluster, bloviation and bombast.

  4. Odysseus says:

    I read that as pajama-boy gamma-boy, and now I have new head-cannon.

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