ZOMG: Earth’s Climate Monsters Could Be Unleashed!!!!!!!

Apparently, the upcoming UN climahysteric report is being written as something from Stephen King or other horror writers.

Earth’s climate monsters could be unleashed as temperatures rise
As a UN panel prepares a report on 1.5C global warming, researchers warn of the risks of ignoring ‘feedback’ effects

This week, hundreds of scientists and government officials from more than 190 countries have been buzzing around a convention centre in the South Korean city of Incheon.

They are trying to agree on the first official release of a report – the bit called the Summary for Policymakers – that pulls together all of what’s known about how the world might be affected once global warming gets to 1.5C.

What will happen to coral reefs? How will extreme weather events and droughts change? What about heatwaves? And then, what are the different “pathways” that economies could choose to keep temperatures to 1.5C?

On Monday morning, the summary document is expected to be released, and there will be a cascade of headlines around the world.

Climate monsters! Doom! It can be solved with a carbon tax and government control of your life, you know.

What’s even funnier is the ending of this UK Guardian fable

The paper has received a bit of pushback from scientists, largely, it appears, because of the sensational headlines it attracted.

For example, Professor Richard Betts, of the UK’s MetOffice, has a measured perspective that’s well worth a look.

Dr Glen Peters, an Australian scientist and climate modeller based at the Centre for International Climate Research in Norway, also thought some of the media coverage went too far with the doomsday vibe.

Liked the headline of this article?

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  1. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Behold the Climate Monster unleashed.
    (Wait for it at about the 1 min. mark)


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