Iowa Democrats Still Sticking With Pro-Illegal Immigration Platform

Just like the national Democratic figures, those in Iowa are uncaring that people who shouldn’t even be in this country are harming US citizens, and will stick with their pro-illegals stance

Iowa Dems reject ‘partisan fight’ over Mollie Tibbetts as platform opposes enforcing federal immigration laws

The killing of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts, allegedly at the hands of an illegal immigrant, has placed a spotlight on the state’s Democratic party, which this summer denounced federal immigration laws and called for local officials not to enforce them.

But Iowa Democratic party officials on Wednesday would not say whether they stood by their immigration platform, and instead characterized the matter as a “partisan fight.”

“The Iowa Democratic Party is going to honor the wishes of the Tibbetts family to let them grieve in private and will not turn this senseless tragedy into a partisan fight,” Iowa Democratic Party chairman Troy Price told Fox News.

The national uproar over Tibbetts’ slaying also threatens to upend two key House races underway in the state, which are considered potentially pivotal to Democrats’ chances of retaking the House in November’s midterm elections.

The 2018 Iowa Democratic Party platform, in a section entitled “Statement of Issues,” reads: “We oppose: detaining undocumented minors, immigrant detention/deportation quotas, locally enforcing federal immigration laws, mass raids/related enforcement practices, religious exclusion, ‘papers please,’ unnecessary travel-bans, abrogating birthright-citizenship, separating minor children from their parents when they are trying to enter the country, internment and concentration camps.”

The Iowa Democrats and the people running to unseat Republicans are hoping this all blows over, because being pro-illegal alien certainly won’t help their chances of winning those seats. And it just goes to show that Democrats prioritize illegal aliens over U.S. citizens.

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21 Responses to “Iowa Democrats Still Sticking With Pro-Illegal Immigration Platform”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Maybe if tRump’s ICE spend more time capturing murderers and less time handcuffing dads picking up their kids from school, Mollie Tibbetts wouldn’t be the GOP’s campaign symbol.

    • formwiz says:

      Too freaking easy.

      ICE’s job isn’t capturing murderers, it’s arresting illegals and deporting them, and you nail ’em wherever you can.

      Maybe if Jeffery and all his little friends didn’t need the illegals to stuff the ballot boxes, Miss Tibbetts would still be alive.

      And how dare you call her by her nickname? You never met her, you certainly weren’t her friend, you were one of the people who got her killed.

      • Jeffery says:

        Fvck you.

        Undocumented immigrants don’t vote.

        The right, famous for ignoring crimes against women, killed her. Women are raped and killed by men every day in the US, and Con Men oppose any measure to help them.

        How dare you and yours use this poor girl to further your political atrocities.

        • Liijeffyatemypuppy says:

          How many more Americans must die at the hands of illegal aliens before you people get a clue, little fella?
          Spare us the faux indignation.

          • Jeffery says:

            The indignation is real enough.

            Immigrants, undocumented or not, commit fewer crimes per capita than citizens.

            Young males (an old white men) seem to be the problem.

            Maybe we should lock up all males until they are 40. The violent crime rate would drop to nothing, although white collar crime (which we ignore) would still be high.

          • liljeffyatemypuppy says:

            Tell it to the Steinles or the Tibbetts or Mary Ann Mendoza or the thousands of other family members who lost loved ones because of illegal aliens in America, little fella.

            Your faux arguments are just so much bullshit.


        • david7134 says:

          At the end of the day, you as responsible for that girls death as the illegal alien.

          • puppieslicktheiownbutts says:


            At the end of the day, you’re as responsible for that girl’s death as the undocumented immigrant.

            Con Men elected a rapist as “president”.

          • david7134 says:

            I sense you are getting a bit desperate.

          • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

            The little fella has been desperate ever since the Heifer got beat.


        • Bill589 says:

          We should listen to you and your leftism because it is working great in Venezuela! /sarc

  2. Jeffery says:

    Why no opprobrium from the right about the white citizen who killed his two kids and his pregnant wife?

    Shouldn’t you be concerned about protecting women and children?

    No, of course not.

  3. JGlanton says:

    He’s an All-American Boy!!!!

    According to his lawyer:

    Richards later explained that before Tibbets’ murder, Rivera had “no prior criminal record,” telling PEOPLE: “He was just a part of the community. An all-American boy working really hard.”

    • JGlanton says:

      Just an all-American boy, a typical murderer of innocents who still needs a translator to appear in an American court after spending years in this country. An all-American boy living under an assumed name and using stolen identification cards to illegally obtain work.

  4. Jl says:

    “Illegal invaders don’t vote.” Illegals that don’t vote are voting by proxy. The census counts illegals thus states like California get more electoral ones than they should.

    • Jl says:

      “electoral votes than they should”

    • puppieslicktheiownbutts says:

      You have it backwards. In CA each electoral vote requires 710,000 voters. In WY, each electoral vote requires 190,000 voters. A CA vote is worth less than a WY vote.

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