Washington Post: We Agree With Trump Smacking Turkey Around, He’s Just Doing It Wrong

While dozens, if not hundreds, of news outlet editorial boards are posting whiny missives fighting back against Trump for calling them fake news because they attack him constantly (such as the NY Times which says a free press needs you (I missed where the Trump is threatening to take them over) but only had supportive words for Obama, WRAL which has never had a decent word towards Trump but loved Obama, and the NJ Star Ledger which complains that every tyrant and dictator thinks the press is the enemy (weird that they weren’t worried when Obama was spying on reporters)), the Washington Post goes a different. All the ones involved in attacking Trump are pretty much proving his point about the press, especially since most are doing what CNN is doing: ignoring the Keith Ellison allegations. The Washington Post one is more measured and actually makes some sense, rather than being #Resist

Trump is right to push Turkey. He’s just doing it wrong.

TURKEY’S ECONOMY is in crisis, teetering on the brink of an implosion that could undo two decades of progress. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is blaming economic warfare by President Trump, who last week announced a doubling of tariffs on imports of Turkish aluminum and steel . The U.S. action was ill-advised, in part because it may confuse Turks about who is really responsible for the collapse of the national currency: none other than Mr. Erdogan himself.

(A few paragraphs about Edrogan and the problems he’s caused in Turkey)

In an apparent attempt to force a U.S. handover of an ally-turned-rival who lives in Pennsylvania, Mr. Erdogan imprisoned a number of American citizens on trumped-up charges, including a pastor, Andrew Brunson, whom Mr. Erdogan has openly described as a bargaining chip. Mr. Trump thought he made a deal with the Turkish strongman in a July meeting to free Mr. Brunson; when the Turks failed to deliver, an angry White House imposed sanctions on two Turkish government ministers before announcing the new tariffs.

One problem with the administration’s response is that it is too narrowly focused on Mr. Brunson, who has become a cause celebre for Christian evangelicals. Mr. Trump ought to be demanding that all 20 U.S. citizens being held be released, along with several Turkish employees of U.S. consulates. In addition, the use of tariffs as a political weapon is a dangerous breach of international norms. The administration would have done better to expand on the sanctions against individuals involved in the improper detentions and other human rights abuses, and to hold up, as Congress has mandated, delivery to Turkey of F-35 fighter jets.

Now, they actually make a few salient points. This could have been done better, especially in terms of noting all the U.S. citizens. This is the kind of smackdown the press would have done against Obama, essentially gently chiding him.

The decision to get tough with Mr. Erdogan is nevertheless the right one. Analysts who worry about a fracturing of relations with a key NATO ally ought to recognize that Turkey has not been behaving as an ally; allies do not take U.S. citizens hostage. Fears that the currency crisis will spread to other developing nations so far look exaggerated. Mr. Erdogan’s own threats to turn to Russia look empty; Moscow cannot supply the billions of dollars needed to pull Turkey’s economy out of the hole he has dug.

Mr. Trump evidently believes that he has decisive leverage over Mr. Erdogan, and he is probably right. He should use it not just to free one Christian pastor but also to show an unhinged ruler the costs of playing dictator, either to his own people or to the rest of the world.

I’m guessing the WPEB didn’t get the message that they were supposed to attack Trump over calling them fake news. Regardless, they did offer what they think are better ideas to smack around Edrogen and Turkey, but, remember, most of the time when Trump does things differently they end up working out. Especially since these targeted sanctions on individuals often don’t. I guess we’ll see who is correct. Because this is from yesterday


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3 Responses to “Washington Post: We Agree With Trump Smacking Turkey Around, He’s Just Doing It Wrong”

  1. Jeffery says:

    never had a decent word towards Trump but loved Obama

    That shouldn’t be that hard to figure out, right? Do you really think Trump is a decent man?

    Trump chose the path he wished to take as a candidate and president, tailoring political positions to the audience he wanted to woo – xenophobes, racists and nativists. Before that he had a history of assaulting women, cheating on his wives and cheating employees and contractors. He ran several businesses into bankruptcy. He cheated students at his Trump U. He became a reality TV star. He wallowed in conspiracy theories. Now he’s president of our nation.

    As president he has cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations (in fairness, which any GOPher would do)… above and beyond what GOPhers would normally do, he declared war on immigrants, taken immigrant children from the parents (and still hasn’t re-united them), has given succor to North Korean and especially Russia, may have conspired with Russia to steal an election, started an international trade war, he has pledged to despoil our air and water, and on and on. To his credit, his policies haven’t yet harmed the economy.

    Fortunately for trump, he has FOX and the right-wing echo chamber to make up decent things about him. All the others are constrained by the truth.

  2. Jl says:

    “He cut taxes for the wealthy…” . He cut taxes for everyone who pays taxes-there, fixed it for you. And here, a picture of noted racist D. Trump https://twitter.com/larryelder/status/952951735844139008?s=21

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