We’re All Totally Climate Refugees Now Or Something

It’s summer, so, the insanity from the Cult of Climastrology is at peak performance

This is from Project Syndicate, “The World’s Opinion Page”. Yeah, ok. From the link

Modern humans, born into one climate era, called the Holocene, have crossed the border into another, the Anthropocene. But instead of a Moses guiding humanity in this new and dangerous wilderness, a gang of science deniers and polluters currently misguides humanity to ever-greater danger. We are all climate refugees now and must chart a path to safety.

The Holocene was the geological age that started more than 10,000 years ago, with favorable climate conditions that supported human civilization as we know it. The Anthropocene is a new geological era with environmental conditions that humanity has never before experienced. Ominously, the Earth’s temperature is now higher than during the Holocene, owing to the carbon dioxide that humanity has emitted into the atmosphere by burning coal, oil, and gas, and by indiscriminately turning the world’s forests and grasslands into farms and pastures.

People are suffering and dying in the new environment, with much worse to come. Hurricane Maria is estimated to have taken more than 4,000 lives in Puerto Rico last September. High-intensity hurricanes are becoming more frequent, and major storms are causing more flooding, because of the increased heat transfer from the warming waters of the oceans, the greater moisture in warmer air, and the rise in sea levels – all made more extreme by human-induced climate change.

Right. It appears as if Maria was the strongest storm to strike the island since….the Category 4 all the way back in 1932, when CO2 was below the “safe” level of 350ppm. Anyhow, Jeffrey D. Sachs continues his screed, highlighting that it….gets hot in the summer, fearmongering as usual, before ending with

We need a new kind of politics that starts with a clear global goal: environmental safety for the planet’s people, by fulfilling the Paris climate agreement, protecting biodiversity, and cutting pollution, which kills millions each year. The new politics will listen to scientific and technological experts, not self-interested business leaders and narcissistic politicians. Climatologists enable us to gauge the rising dangers. Engineers inform us how to make the rapid transition, by 2050, to zero-carbon energy. Ecologists and agronomists show us how to grow more and better crops on less land while ending deforestation and restoring previously degraded land.

Such a politics is possible. In fact, the public yearns for it. A large majority of the American people, for example, want to fight global warming, stay in the Paris climate agreement, and embrace renewable energy. Yet, as long as a narrow and ignorant elite condemn Americans and the rest of humanity to wander aimlessly in the political desert, the more likely it is that we will all end up in a wasteland from which there will be no escape.

Funny how he doesn’t truly describe that “new kind of politics” specifically. He whines about companies who dare to attempt to make a profit along with the use of fossil fuels, but, what, exactly, does he mean? If you’re not willing to specifically describe those “new politics”, might it be because you know people won’t like them?

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One Response to “We’re All Totally Climate Refugees Now Or Something”

  1. Roger B Gorden Jr says:

    Yep, the “new” politics strangely, (not) resembles the old politics of the USSR.

    Specifically, the government seizes ALL of your assets, private property, wealth, etc. and then after careful consideration doles out to you what the government deems to be totally “adequate”.

    If you’re wondering what adequate will be, consider what possessions you would absolutely need to avoid starvation and freezing to death. If you’re lucky. You’ll get just about that amount.

    But it WILL be paradise because that SJW Barista at StarBucks and you will finally achieve income equality!!! (Paradise for the SJW and the government that is.)

    The Climate, will continue as it has for 4.5 billion years, with little mind to the lifeforms on this planet.

    But Climate Change will finally no longer be a priority for those SJWs who are also now waiting on line for their monthly rations.

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