Democrats Wonder How Unhinged Left They Can Go And Still Win In Kansas

What Democrats are really doing is wondering how super far-left they can let people know they really are and still win, or, should they still pretend to be sorta centrish. There are still plenty of people who are just plain old Democrats, ones like Joe Manchin, ones who are still Blue Dog Democrats, even though the majority of them have been voted out in favor of the more moonbat Progressives

Democrats in Kansas weigh how far left the party can go and win in the Trump era

Democrats in the Kansas City suburbs are set to decide on Tuesday what type of candidate they believe can win in a red state during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The House primary in Kansas’ 3rd District is a microcosm of the ideological battles playing out in the Democratic Party in House races this year and ahead of the 2020 presidential election, when the same battles will be front and center.

It pits a candidate running far to the left against someone trying to appeal to the center. There’s also a woman vying to become the first openly lesbian Native American in Congress.

The winner will take on Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder, who represents the district that Hillary Clinton won by 1 point in 2016.

The Democratic primary is a six-way free-for-all. Democrats say they believe at least three candidates have a shot at winning — and they have no idea who’s ahead.

So, is it the big government, fascist Progressive? The person pretending to appeal to the center? Or the identity politics babe?

On the left is labor lawyer Brent Welder, who rallied recently with Vermont’s independent Sen. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Welder has campaigned for single-payer “Medicare for all” health insurance, a $15-an-hour minimum wage and other progressive priorities.

“You have to convince them and you have to be honest about a progressive, populist economic platform, so that they don’t get lured away by right-wing social wedge issues like they did by Donald Trump,” Welder said in an interview. “And I think the Democratic Party for far too long has been straying from a bold, populist economic message. That’s the reason we keep losing.”

In some Democrat districts they’re enthused about investing more and more power in the hands of the central government while being promised free stuff paid for by Other People. They’re super excited about the Nanny State and all sorts of failed ideas we see in socialist counties. And, wait, they’ve been telling us that Medicare for all isn’t single-payer: did CNN just let the cat out of the bag?

“They’re pretty centrist in their positions,” Niermann said of voters in the district. “They have a great value that they place on good government that is responsive to the needs of people in the community.”

His positions are similar to Welder’s, but Niermann says that while he supports Medicare for all conceptually and as a long-term solution, he favors bipartisan efforts to reduce health care costs in the short term and with a divided Washington.

So, Niermann believes in the same things as Welder, he’s just attempting to soft-peddle it and appear centrist. Lying. Perfect.

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2 Responses to “Democrats Wonder How Unhinged Left They Can Go And Still Win In Kansas”

  1. Roger B Gorden Jr says:

    Wait until they find out what “free” really costs.

    Also, they’re gonna have a big sad when they realize THEY are the “Other People” who are gonna get hosed for the cost of this.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Actually, while not free, universal healthcare is cheaper and better than the US system – at least in every advanced nation on this planet.

    If you can have a better system for half the cost, why wouldn’t you? Because Congress (Republican AND Democrat) is controlled by lobbyists for insurance, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies who stand to lose billions of dollars if the “gravy” is skimmed from our system. Health care in the US adds approximately $1 trillion to the cost of service above and beyond the benefits we receive. That’s a $1 trillion “tax” redistribution from the working classes to wealthier doctors, lawyers, executives, salesmen, investors, shareholders etc. It’s a good deal if you’re on the receiving end. But a bad deal for working stiffs.

    Would you like to be rid of Medicare and Social Security? The interstate highways? Unemployment payments? College loans?

    Federal spending is mostly for SS, Medicare, Medicaid, Defense and Interest on the Debt. The national debt is increasing despite the promise that tax cuts would CUT the deficit – what Repubs used to call voodoo economics. Which of these do you want to slash to cut down on the nanny state? The GOPhers have set their sights on SS and Medicare.

    Jobs in the current economy are going to the same groups as in the previous economy – to urban and suburban districts (almost 60% went for Clinton) and half as many to Trump districts.

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