In Chicago, Anti-Violence Protesters Demonstrate, Law Abiding Gun Owners Blamed

Chicago has a problem: its streets are rife with violence, from fights to stabbings to shootings. This has been going on for years, but grew during the years Obama was in office. Casual gun play is the norm for some areas of Chicago. So, they’re going after the law abiding citizens who own firearms, rather than the criminals with illegal guns. And, to be fair, they aren’t happy with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, either

Chicago protestors threaten to ‘get arrested’ and ‘shut down streets’ in anti-gun violence demonstration

Chicago activists have warned a sprawling anti-violence protest may lead to multiple arrests and the shutdown of busy streets.

The demonstration was being organised in an effort to unseat Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s Democratic mayor, and Eddie Johnson, the city’s police superintendent, according to organisers. Protestors planned to march from Lake Shore Drive to Wrigleyville in the middle of Thursday rush hour, and had not ruled out entering the Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Cubs were scheduled to play against the San Diego Padres.

In fact, they did do this, but, the game wasn’t really affected. They’re also threatening to disrupt O’Hare Airport if they do not get their way, which is partly that Emanuel resign. Interestingly, one thing they’re upset about is the focus on helping illegal aliens over the legal residents of Chicago.

Several major protests have occurred throughout Chicago in response to the city’s unending issues with gun violence. The region became an epicentre for gun violence after local courts rolled back the city’s strict gun ordinances and weapons guidelines from over a decade ago, which banned residents from keeping handguns in their homes and required that all firearms were registered and obtained a permit.

Chicago has suffered a spike in gun violence ever since, with over 50 people being shot during a single week in May this year — including law enforcement.

Got it? The spike in shootings is being blamed on law abiding citizens engaged in their Constitutional Right to own and posses a firearm, often to protect themselves for the violence in Chicago’s streets, which the city government often ignores. I wonder what else happened a decade ago?

If they really wanted to protest appropriately, they’d be streaming through their own streets where the violence occurs. They’d be teaching their kids to put the violence away and get a proper education, instead of being an “aspiring rapper,” a term that so often pops up in the papers when a person is murdered.

Anyhow, how’d this work out?

An unidentified male was killed and at least nine people have been wounded in city shootings since Friday morning, including a 66-year-old man carjacked in the West Side’s Fifth City neighborhood, Chicago police said.

Perhaps they should be blaming the people, not the firearms.

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4 Responses to “In Chicago, Anti-Violence Protesters Demonstrate, Law Abiding Gun Owners Blamed”

  1. Jeffery says:

    but grew during the years Obama was in office.

    You blame President Obama for the Chicago murders between 2009 through 2016?

    Would you credit Obama if Chicago murders were lower during his terms compared to previous years? Yeah, right.

    Funny thing. The greatest number of murders in Chicago occurred in 1974, with 970. There were over 900 murders in ’91, ’92, and ’94, and curiously the murders started to fall thereafter. During President Obama’s terms Chicago averaged less than 500 murders per year! To use your “logic”, Obama cut murders nearly in half!

    Chicago murders have increased since 2016. Guess what else happened in 2016? That’s right – Donald tRump was elected. Chicago’s “tough” gun laws were neutered starting in 2010 (Supreme Court) with local ordinances stripped the following several years.

    What you meant to tell your hapless readers was that murders in Chicago were the FEWEST in recent history during the Obama years.

    Your error was in thinking the comment “local courts rolled back the city’s strict gun ordinances and weapons guidelines from over a decade ago” meant the ordinances were rolled back over a decade ago. The ordinances were ENACTED then, but recently rolled back. Of course, you wanted to believe that murders increased as soon as President Obama took office. Actually, murders decreased AFTER the ordinances were enacted over a decade ago. Oops.

    Do you blame tRump for the recent uptick in Chicago murders? A federal attorney told us it’s because of turf wars resulting from cheap heroin. But maybe you know best.

  2. Jl says:

    “It’s because of turf wars resulting from cheap heroin.” Most of which probably comes from Mexico. Who wants to build that wall? Trump

    • Jeffery says:


      One lie at a time, please.

      TEACH blamed President Obama for an imaginary increase. Murders were nearly halved during Obama’s tenure (but unlikely due to Obama).

      Do you agree with the data that murders decreased significantly during President Obama’s tenure, and are still much reduced from the early 90s?

      OK, two lies at a time. Do you have evidence that tRump’s so-called “wall” will stop the flow of drugs?

      • Yes, they were going down. Then they started going up. Nor did I blame Obama. I just mentioned they went up during the Obama years. The fact that you immediately considered that this was his fault is very interesting.

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