NY Gov Andrew Cuomo Threatens To Sue ICE For Doing Their Jobs Or Something

It doesn’t get much more virtue signally than this, but, virtue signalers will always find a way

(NY Post) Gov. Cuomo on Wednesday threatened to sue US Immigration and Customs Enforcement for what he called relentless “unconstitutional” round-ups of undocumented immigrants in the state.

Joined by immigrant-rights advocates at his Manhattan office, Cuomo also said he’s issuing an executive order to block ICE agents from arresting people at state buildings without a judicial warrant.

The order, however, will not apply to courthouses, according to the state’s Office of Court Administration.

“We are going to put them on notice today that if they continue the state will sue them – period — because the state has the responsibility to uphold the constitutional rights of the people who live in New York,” said Cuomo, referring to a cease and desist letter the state sent to ICE.

How cute. Is Cuomo stating that illegal aliens work in NY State owned buildings? Working for the state? Really, has anyone heard about any incident where ICE went into a state owned building to detain illegal aliens? One would have thought it would be big news, and, sure, we can’t see all the news, but, I sure didn’t see anything like that, nor does a Google search find anything.

Regardless, I think Cuomo missed the part where the Constitution delegated immigration powers to the federal government, and laws gave ICE the power to detain any illegal alien they want to. Double regardless, this is Cuomo just bloviating, because he realizes that he has zero power to stop ICE from entering courthouses to detain illegal aliens, as federal law refers to them.

Cuomo accused ICE of violating the constitutional rights of US citizens and the civil rights of undocumented immigrants.

He also said immigration officers endanger public safety by not always notifying local cops before conducting raids, saying such practice could potentially set off a standoff between multiple branches of law enforcement.

The governor made the announcements following an uninvited raid of a dairy farm in Rome, NY.

He was a little shaky as to what those so-called Constitutional rights are, just kind of yap yap yapping to virtue signal. They have a right (now) to go before a judge before being deported. And why would ICE notify local cops, especially in areas which have declared themselves sanctuary jurisdictions, and we’ve seen illegal alien supporters tip off the illegals? ICE does, in fact, often work with local police and sheriff’s offices in areas that do not consider themselves sanctuaries. Regardless, ICE doesn’t have to ask for an invitation to raid anyplace.

The farm’s owner, John Collins, was joined by Cuomo while recalling how he was shoved, handcuffed and threatened with arrest by ICE officers for questioning why they were detaining one of his workers, Marcial DeLeon Aguilar.

Collins is lucky ICE has not charged him yet for violations of federal code in regards to employing illegal aliens. Of course, they still can, and might. And should, if he knew they were illegals. Anyhow, ICE should start having fun and nail illegal aliens in Albany, the capital city of New York, on a constant basis. Tweek Cuomo’s nose. They won’t, though, because they are professionals and Adults.


He’s essentially declaring NY state a sanctuary state. Can’t wait for all the non-Democrat cities and counties to declare that they are anti-sanctuary jurisdictions. Oh, and for ICE to publish the names and felonies of illegal aliens the state protects.

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