Uh Oh: Kids Have Been Playing “Border Agents And Migrants”

Obviously, liberals want to shut down this expression of free speech, and are Horrified. Here’s Fatherly

Kids Are Playing ‘Border Agents and Migrants’ Instead of ‘Cops and Robbers

In Benicia, California, a game called La Migra (The Immigrants) has taken a school by storm, much to the horror of parents. The game is, in essence, Cops and Robbers. Older high school students assume the role of ICE or immigration services and chase around underclassmen who assume the role of immigrants. The underclassmen playing as immigrants get a 10-minute head start once someone shouts “La Migra!” and the upperclassmen then have to look for them all over town. The only way for the immigrants to “win” is to make it through a mock border wall on the opposite side of Benicia. For fairly obvious reason, this has residents worried.

ZOMG! Notice, this is not young kids playing the game, having switched out cops and robbers for border agents and illegal aliens. This is older kids who’ve created the game. They would not have been play the cops and robbers game at that age. But, wait for it

“That’s pretty offensive,” said Daniel Serna, a local parent told ABC 30 Action News. “How would the district react if they pretended they were Nazis going after Jews or KKK going after Blacks? I think they would look at it a little different,”

Leave it up to a leftist to crank that amplifier up to 11 and make a comparison that is beyond absurd. At the ABC 30 link it continues to get crazy, and the crazy started with the headline about the game having “racist overtones.” Only if Black and/or Asian kids are playing, because most Hispanics are Caucasian, but, then, you can’t expect race baiters in the media to understand the meaning of words, right? But, Fatherly did some research not done by ABC 30

It is important, however, to note that La Migra is not new. Writer Gustavo Arellano, explains in a piece about the controversy, that he played La Migra as a child living in the Bay Area over 30-years ago. And, despite the concerns of some parents, many local Latino youths don’t seem to take much issue with the game.

“I want to do it because it’s fun. I’m all for fun and thrill-seeking,” Benicia high school student Elijah Alvarado told ABC 30. “I don’t mind because I’m Hispanic.”

Oh. So, no big deal. A bunch of high schoolers having fun, while supposed adults have hissy fits because they don’t want government to enforce the law.

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  1. This was a South park episode. So, not new at all. 2011.

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