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It’s been awhile since I did a book post, but, hey, let’s do something different, especially since I have so many books to read I’m not even sure what to read next.

You can see on the sidebar I have it linked to my Goodreads account, showing ones I’ve finished. Lately, I’ve just had back to back to back to etc of ones that I Have To Read come out, starting with Run 3 by Rich Restucci. Then a Glimmer of Hope by Steve McHugh. Then The Light by Michael John Grist, which was the last book in the series (I would have liked a more detailed ending, going a bit further, rather than leaving the possibility open for a follow up.) And his books became tough reads because of the terminology used and such.

Then Double Down by M.R. Forbes, which was book 2 in a series which had followed a very long series. You can expect there to be a 3rd in a month or so. And on to Blood Ghast Blues by Jake Bible, an incredible science fiction writer who lives in Asheville, NC, which is the 2nd in a series.

After that I’m looking at

  • March to War by Timothy W. Long, 2nd in a series.
  • New Threat by Nathan Hystad, 2nd in a series
  • The Long Sunset by Jack McDevitt (been waiting for another book by him for awhile)
  • Dead Lost by Flint Maxwell, book 6 in series
  • You’re Never Ready for The Zombie Apocalypse by Jeff Thompson
  • New Strain by SJ Morris
  • Fallen Out by by Wayne Stinnett
  • Future Remains by Robert Jack
  • Dusk of Humanity by M.K. Dawn
  • plus a bunch of others I’ve downloaded samples for, and, of course, as more are released

I guess it’s a good problem to have, but, can make you blow through them a bit quick. The first 4 are the ones I will go through, then move on to the others.

So, what are you reading?

Also, what are you watching? Kinda stuck for binge watching material. I was finally able to binge watch Colony, now have to wait for season 3. Was able to do same with The Walking Dead, now waiting till it comes back near end of year. Rewatched Game of Thrones. And Band Of Brothers.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched Vikings, that was an incredible show. Now have to wait for the next season.  I tried Fear the Walking Dead, but, couldn’t make it through the first few episodes of season 2. Hated the way they treated the military in season 1, and, really, these characters are fools. They’re the type of people who get everyone else killed in a zombie apocalypse. They get off the ship with no weapons, and just walk around on their own? Good grief.

I’m thinking about Man in the High Tower and Black Sails. I tried The Expanse, through episode 3, but, just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Any recommendations?

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7 Responses to “Book And Show Post”

  1. JGlanton says:

    I’m binge watching Bosch on Amazon right now. I read a bunch of the Michael Connelly books and like the Bosch character, an older gritty no-nonsense homicide detective who has to maneuver through big-city politics to get his job done.

    Also recently watched Into The Badlands on Netflix. Kind of a cool American feudal kung-fu swordfighting series. The action was choreographed by the guy who did Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

    Before that, Altered Carbon series on Netflix. “an American dystopian science fiction cyberpunk television series”

    Before that I watched the Humans series, about a near-future in which everyone has robot (Synth) help, and some of the robots achieve consciousness.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Bosch is very good.
      Watched all of it on Amazon Prime.
      Another series you might like is Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Mozart in the Jungle is an excellent series on Amazon Prime.

    You will get hooked…

    The Man in the High Castle is quite good if you haven’t read the book.

    • JGlanton says:

      Yeah Man In The High Castle is a very good series. I read the PKD book years ago and was thrilled that they made a series out of it. And did a great job.

  3. Kevin S TX says:

    Space: Above and Beyond 1995 not to bad.

  4. Wow, haven’t thought of Space: Above and Beyond for a long time. Hated the way they cancelled it at a cliffhanger. Thinking about going back and watching Fringe, since I never saw the first 4 seasons or so.

  5. B'Radical says:

    The Netflix original “Lost in Space”. All the expected elements of “Lost in Space” but in a very unique way. Really enjoyed it.

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