Colorado Counties Become Next Places Exxon, Suncor Should Refuse To Sell Their Products

Funny that all these governments that use vast amounts of fossil fuels which they refuse to give up are sue happy

(US News) Boulder and San Miguel counties in Colorado are suing ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy for their effects on the environment and their negative contributions to climate change.

Up until this point climate change lawsuits have been limited to coastal cities worried about sea level rise. However, these Colorado cities say they are feeling the negative effects of climate change, too, namely when it comes to snow loss.

“These impacts have already harmed Plaintiffs’ property and impacted the health, safety and welfare [of] their residents. The damages will only multiply as climate change worsens,” the lawsuit reads.

The lawsuit claims “that fossil fuel combustion was causing a dramatic rise in the concentration of GHGs in the atmosphere,” which causes “significant temperature changes” and “dramatic climatic changes.” Because of the increase in temperature, there is dwindling snowpack in the state, which is vital for Colorado’s agriculture, water supply and $5 billion ski industry.

If the products of these fossil fuels companies are so dangerous, why haven’t these counties given them up? Change their entire fleet of vehicles to non-fossil fuels ones. No use of fossil fuels for energy. Mandate the end of fossil fueled vehicles in their counties. Shut down the airports. Really, this is just a shakedown from climate scammers.

The lawsuit’s goal is not to stop or regulate the production of fossil fuels in Colorado. The plaintiffs are asking the companies “help remediate the nuisance caused by their intentional, reckless and negligent conduct, specifically by paying their share of the Plaintiffs’ abatement costs.”

These include costs related to damages from wildfires, flood control efforts, healthcare expenses and loss of land value.

See? They just want money. Both companies should start be refusing to sell their products to the governments.

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One Response to “Colorado Counties Become Next Places Exxon, Suncor Should Refuse To Sell Their Products”

  1. By voluntarily removing their products from the market, they will be showing their priority to climate preservation. Then the county can scream it isn’t good enough because what they really wanted was lottery-style jackpot.

    The fact is, the producer of any product should only be half responsible for its harmful effects. The consumers of those products are equally responsible. Those consumers include the county itself with its fleets of police cars and school busses and the county officials themselves with their home heating oil/electricity cooled homes and driving to work and play.

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