New Zealand Warmist Signals By Banning All New Oil Exploration Permits

This is like virtue signaling, but for Warmists

Government aims to strike balance ending offshore oil exploration: PM

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says “transitions have to start somewhere”, after announcing an end to offshore oil exploration.

There are 27 fields in New Zealand currently producing oil and gas. The last of the permits ends in 2030, but if a discovery is made, production could continue for decades. All existing permits will be protected under the Government’s plans.

The industry has warned ending oil exploration will do little to cut emissions in New Zealand or overseas, as the move will not affect demand or supply.

“This is about striking a balance,” Ardern said at a press conference, alongside Energy Minister Megan Woods (Labour), Climate Change Minister James Shaw (Greens), and Economic Development Minister Shane Jones (NZ First).

So, it’s just new permits. They’ll be able to continue to produce lots and lots of fossil fuels from oil for a long, long time. But, hey, if those wells run dry, it just means that New Zealand will have to, get this, import fossil fuels on large fossil fuels powered tanker ships. Huh.

Overall, this does nothing. New Zealand is dependent on fossil fuels for jobs, for all the vehicles, and for all the flights coming in for tourism. If these virtue signalers want to really do something, they’d give up their own fossil fuels usage. They won’t.

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One Response to “New Zealand Warmist Signals By Banning All New Oil Exploration Permits”

  1. JGlanton says:

    New Zealands primary economic engines are huge CO2 emitters, do the best thing they can do to curb global warming is to cut their own industry.

    Main industries: Food, textiles, machinery and transportation equipment, finance, tourism, mining.

    All of their primary exports are huge greenhouse gas emitters, so if they are serious they will drastically curtail their exports.
    Export goods:
    Dairy products, meat, wool and wood products, fish, machinery

    The best thing to do to curb emissions is to switch their economy to subsistence farming and sailing. Sort of like Burundi with sailing yachts for the UN execs and international NGO aid organizations that will come to “help” with the inevitable famine and disease.

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