Your Internet Addiction Is Bad For ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

It’s probably your fault that it got really cold and snowy over the weekend during Springtime, as you cruised the web and looked at pictures of cats and stuff

How Your iPhone is Heating Up the Planet

When we think about climate change, the main sources of carbon emissions that come to mind for most of us are heavy industries like petroleum, mining and transportation.

Rarely do we point the finger at computer technologies.

In fact, many experts view the cyber-world of information and computer technologies (ICT) as our potential savior, replacing many of our physical activities with a lower-carbon virtual alternative.

That is not what our study, recently published in the Journal of Cleaner Production, suggests.

Having conducted a meticulous and fairly exhaustive inventory of the contribution of ICT —including devices like PCs, laptops, monitors, smartphones and tablets — and infrastructure like data centers and communication networks, we found that the relative contribution of ICT to the total global footprint is expected to grow from about one per cent in 2007 to 3.5 per cent by 2020 and reaching 14 per cent by 2040.

That’s more than half the relative contribution of the entire transportation sector worldwide.

It’s amusing that a website that uses lots of energy so that people can view it with Evil products is telling us that this is bad. Regardless, there are virtually no ideas offered to fix this. Are they expecting people to revert to pre-Internet life? However, they sorta kinda hit on a real issue

Another guilty participant in this excessive carbon footprint are the phone plans that encourage users to get a new smartphone every two years. That accelerates the rate at which older models become obsolete and leads to an extraordinary and unnecessary amount of waste.

Forget the carbon footprint nonsense: the production and ownership of the devices, and the notion of getting a new one every 2 years or so creates a lot of waste. These ‘climate change’ ninnies would be best served by pushing for people to recycle them. To get manufacturers and providers to up their game on offering rebates and such for turning them in. Look at this

These are all the phones I found sitting around the house, which doesn’t include the one I’m using now nor others I’ve thrown out, given away, and had to turn back in to AT&T for use of another device. Other than the Android smartphones, I’ve dumped them all in a recycle bin at Best Buy. They have zero use. Sadly, manufacturers also make sure that devices are obsolete in under 2 years, and make batteries that won’t last that long.

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    Wait! I thought it was now “Global Climate Disruption”.

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