Border Patrol Turns Tables On California, Refuses To Hand Over Wanted Illegal Alien With Felony Warrants

The police in California are probably outraged that Donald Trump’s government is refusing to cooperate, because resistance is only good when it’s Leftists doing #resist

(Daily Caller) Border patrol agents are refusing to hand over illegal immigrants with felony warrants to police in California because they can’t be sure local authorities will return the criminal aliens to federal custody, according to a top border security official in San Diego.

Rodney Scott, the chief patrol agent in the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector, said earlier this month that California’s statewide sanctuary law was undermining normal cooperation between his agency and local law enforcement.

In a little-reported declaration in support of the Department of Justice’s March 6 lawsuit against California, Scott recalled multiple instances in which a Border Patrol agent in the San Diego sector determined that releasing a criminal alien to a local law enforcement would likely result in the person being released without notification to federal authorities.

“In each instance, the Border Patrol Agent determined it was not appropriate, consistent with his or her federal responsibilities to ensure the enforcement of immigration law, to release a criminal alien to the state and local law enforcement,” Scott said in a court declaration. “This was because, although the alien was subject to removal, if released to California law enforcement, the alien would ultimately be released into the public.”

Scott’s declaration, first reported March 19 by a local San Diego nonprofit news outlet, blamed the decisions on the California Values Act, the sanctuary state law that went into effect at the beginning of 2018. Also known as SB 54, the law sharply restricts communication between local police and federal immigration authorities, including about when criminal aliens are going to be released from local jails.

It is pretty bad when federal law enforcement refuses to cooperate with state and local law enforcement because state and local law enforcement are working under laws and rules that are contradictory to federal law, reasonable behavior, and pro-criminal. California state and local laws/rules have made it harder for federal law enforcement to do their lawful jobs, things like going after child smugglers, narcotics smugglers, and gun runners.


Three illegal immigrants, who avoided capture after Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf blew the whistle on a raid by federal immigration authorities last month, have since been re-arrested for new crimes including robbery and spousal abuse, ICE officials said.

Schaaf tweeted out a warning ahead of the raid in northern California last month, infuriating Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and the Trump administration. (snip)

One was a Mexican national arrested for robbery and gun crimes, who was released back into the community for a prior offense despite an ICE detainer request in November.

Another Mexican national was arrested for a DUI, despite having been deported three times and prior convictions for false imprisonment, DUI and battery of a spouse.

The third was a Mexican national who was arrested for corporal injury of a spouse, despite being deported twice and criminal convictions including drug possession, hit-and-run, DUIs, possessions of narcotics equipment and a parole violation.

These are the types of people Democrats in California are protecting.

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