Literally March Madness: Warmists Link NCAA Mascots To ‘Climate Change’ (scam)

As I’ve noted time and time again, if something’s happening, the Cult of Climastrology will link their un-scientific Beliefs to that event

From the link

It’s March Madness. The NCAA college basketball tournament is underway. And while Wildcats, Tigers, and Rams face off on the court, some of the teams’ real-life namesakes face dangers in the wild.

Losoff: “Many of the animals that inspired the team names, these mascots, are at risk of being impacted by climate change.”

Tara Losoff is with the National Wildlife Federation, which describes these impacts in its Mascot Madness report.

For example, big horn sheep – or rams – are affected by warmer temperatures, decreased rainfall, and melting snowpack. And the habitat of Florida’s gators is threatened by coastal sea-level rise. The list goes on – bears, wildcats, wolves, falcons, and more, all face climate-related threats.

Losoff says making a connection between mascots and climate change can help get people thinking and talking about global warming.

Because the climate never changed before the Industrial Revolution and the invention of the combustion engine, you know. Weather was always the same every single year.

Interestingly, these same Warmists aren’t complaining about all the carbon pollution for March Madness, what with the power required for the venues, all the food, all the fossil fuels used to move the teams and their supporters, etc. Probably because Warmists want to watch the games. Because they’re hypocrites.

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One Response to “Literally March Madness: Warmists Link NCAA Mascots To ‘Climate Change’ (scam)”

  1. JGlanton says:

    I saw a whole bunch of bighorn sheep last spring thoroughly enjoying the superbloom. Thanks to El-Nino.

    This year it’s La Nina, so not so much. But there will be a HUGE snowpack melt thanks to big snowfall

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